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  1. (LAKE) Lake Palestine Nobody been fishing?
  2. (LAKE) Lake Somerville 5 LB Bass - New Picture Somerville date 18th Saturday
  3. (LAKE) Lake Livingston Wolf Creek Park
  4. (LAKE) Lake Palestine Fishing with Harold and John. Oct 21,22
  5. (LAKE) Sam Rayburn Reservoir Getting lessons from the nephew
  6. (LAKE) Lake Houston East Fork?
  7. (RIVER) Other River/Creek Where can I take my son to catch Gars
  8. (LAKE) Lake Conroe Bass Tournament.
  9. (LAKE) Lake Houston The West Fork
  10. (SALT) Other Saltwater trinity river flood gates
  11. (LAKE) Other TX Lake/Pond lake anachuc
  12. (LAKE) Lake Palestine Jack fishing through the years
  13. (SALT) Other Saltwater smiths point
  14. (SALT) Other Saltwater double bayou
  15. (LAKE) Lake Livingston Gg Camping And Jugging
  16. (LAKE) Lake Conroe Out on the lake again
  17. (SALT) Other Saltwater More Marsh
  18. (LAKE) Lake Houston Shad kill off....
  19. (LAKE) Lake Somerville crappiecandy29 gets lessons from minnowmomma @ Somerville
  20. (LAKE) Lake Palestine Back in the water again
  21. (SALT) Other Saltwater Bull Red Action - Galvez Jetties 10-18-08
  22. (LAKE) Other TX Lake/Pond Lake Murvaul
  23. (LAKE) Fayette County Lake Recent fishing reports
  24. (LAKE) Lake Somerville Cats are hungry
  25. (LAKE) Lake Somerville Sunday - Minnowmomma's Bass pic
  26. (LAKE) Lake Fairfield Fairfiled 10/17-28
  27. (LAKE) Lake Conroe Scbc Couples Tournament - Open Event To Benefit The Montgomery County Food Bank
  28. (LAKE) Lake Conroe TPWD Fishing Trip
  29. (LAKE) Lake Livingston Lake Livingston fishing report 11-02-08
  30. (RIVER) Other River/Creek Pond Hopping With The Grandson
  31. (SALT) Other Saltwater kema Drum fishing
  32. (LAKE) Gibbons Creek Reservoir Gibbon's Creek 11/1/08
  33. (LAKE) Lake Somerville cc29 beats minnowmomma...again..huh???
  34. (SALT) Other Saltwater cast, wind, cast, wind
  35. (LAKE) Lake Conroe Crappie 11-04-08
  36. (LAKE) Cedar Creek Lake cc 11-2-4
  37. (LAKE) Lake Houston Anybody fishing this weekend?
  38. (LAKE) Gibbons Creek Reservoir gibbons this weekend
  39. (RIVER) Trinity River Southland Park
  40. (LAKE) Lake Palestine Drifting for Blues down by the dam
  41. (LAKE) Lake Conroe Bass Tournament Results 11-9-08
  42. (LAKE) Lake Livingston bird fishing
  43. (LAKE) Lake Conroe Mixed bag 11-08-08
  44. (RIVER) Other River/Creek Turtle Bayou
  45. (SALT) Other Saltwater lil cast and blast and,,
  46. (LAKE) Lake Palestine Jugg Fishing
  47. (LAKE) Lake Palestine Not so productive today
  48. (LAKE) Lake Conroe anyone???
  49. (SALT) Other Saltwater The Gaveston Fishing Pier
  50. (RIVER) San Jacinto River Day trip....
  51. (LAKE) Lake Livingston cold morning Cormorant fishing
  52. (LAKE) Lake Somerville Somerville fishing report for the last 2-weeks...
  53. (LAKE) Lake Palestine Slow but nice day
  54. (SALT) Other Saltwater cast, wind, part 2
  55. (RIVER) Other River/Creek Bigger pond now.
  56. (LAKE) Lake Houston winter hot spots?
  57. (RIVER) San Jacinto River Night trip....
  58. (LAKE) Lake Fairfield Nice Red Ear
  59. (RIVER) San Jacinto River Night trip....2
  60. (LAKE) Cedar Creek Lake Cedar Creek 11/21-22
  61. (RIVER) San Jacinto River 12 hours of fun....
  62. (LAKE) Lake Livingston Trot lines
  63. (LAKE) Lake Houston Texas Parks and Wildlife
  64. (LAKE) Cedar Creek Lake 11-25&26
  65. (SALT) Other Saltwater flounder
  66. (LAKE) Lake Houston Anyone know of any good r&r fishing holes?
  67. (LAKE) Lake Livingston thanksgiving after turkey
  68. (LAKE) Lake Conroe Gator sighting
  69. (LAKE) Lake Conroe Cagle....
  70. (LAKE) Cedar Creek Lake cc 11-29
  71. (SALT) Other Saltwater Fishin Widower's first flounder
  72. (LAKE) Lake Conroe cagle weekend
  73. (RIVER) San Jacinto River "One" cold night....
  74. (SALT) Offshore Dolphin Docks Tuna at Boomvang
  75. (LAKE) Lake Houston Anyone going out this weekend?
  76. (LAKE) Lake Palestine Cold but calm day on Palestine
  77. (LAKE) Cedar Creek Lake Dec. blues
  78. (LAKE) Lake Conroe John and I tried ...
  79. (LAKE) Lake Somerville Breaking in a new pole
  80. (SALT) Other Saltwater The flounder run seems to be over
  81. (LAKE) Lake Somerville Lake Somerville .. weekend 12/6 - 12/7
  82. (SALT) Other Saltwater Galvez Jetties 12.06.08
  83. (LAKE) Gibbons Creek Reservoir Question for you guys who Bass Fish
  84. (RIVER) Trinity River Trinity Locks
  85. (LAKE) Lake Palestine Juggin
  86. (LAKE) Other TX Lake/Pond Cub Scout Campout at Double Lake
  87. (LAKE) Lake Houston Big bass in Lake Houston today...
  88. (RIVER) San Jacinto River Windy day on the water....
  89. (LAKE) Lake Conroe Conroe 12/14/08
  90. (LAKE) Lake Somerville HYBRID time at Somerville!! 12-14-2008
  91. (LAKE) Lake Fairfield Lake Fairfield Lake Level
  92. (LAKE) Lake Conroe Dropping by 10"
  93. (LAKE) Lake Somerville big creek narina
  94. (LAKE) Lake Conroe Way to go Conroe
  95. (LAKE) Lake Somerville Pictures of Fish - Minnowmomma at Somerville
  96. (LAKE) Lake Houston Recent Dock Line Magazine
  97. (LAKE) Lake Conroe heading out tonight!
  98. (LAKE) Lake Conroe Good day to be out.
  99. (LAKE) Lake Livingston a little birdie told us where to fish
  100. (SALT) Other Saltwater W. Bay Gal.
  101. (LAKE) Lake Conroe Bass Fishing
  102. (LAKE) Lake Conroe Went out on 12-20-08 Night..
  103. Near future plans
  104. (LAKE) Lake Somerville Lake Somerville..cold, cold, cold & FISH!! Yeee
  105. (LAKE) Lake Conroe Lets fish Friday 12-26-08
  106. (LAKE) Lake Livingston lost jug line
  107. (LAKE) Lake Conroe Will be going out next week
  108. (LAKE) Lake Conroe Bass
  109. (LAKE) Lake Lewisville Blues on LL
  110. (LAKE) Lake Livingston Bird Fishing ???
  111. (LAKE) Lake Conroe What is this
  112. (LAKE) Cedar Creek Lake A Cedar Creek Blue Christmas
  113. (LAKE) Lake Conroe Conroe 12/26/08
  114. (LAKE) Lake Conroe Bass Fishing North End 12-26-08
  115. (LAKE) Lake Livingston windy afternoon Livingston Blues
  116. (LAKE) Lake Conroe Conroe
  117. (LAKE) Fayette County Lake dec 26,2008
  118. (LAKE) Lake Conroe Conroe 12/28/08
  119. (RIVER) San Jacinto River Windy, wet and cold....
  120. (LAKE) Lake Somerville Lake Somerville, 26th, 27th, 28th December
  121. (LAKE) Lake Conroe 12/29/2008
  122. (LAKE) Lake Conroe Catfish?
  123. (LAKE) Lake Conroe pulling boat behind trailer
  124. (LAKE) Lake Somerville Somerville 12-30-08
  125. (LAKE) Lake Conroe Jan 1st & 2nd
  126. (LAKE) Gibbons Creek Reservoir Gibbon's Creek 12/30/08
  127. (LAKE) Lake Conroe Crappie Fishin with John--NOT!
  128. (RIVER) Trinity River Trinity River White Bass
  129. (LAKE) Lake Livingston white capping new years day
  130. (LAKE) Lake Palestine Starting the new year right!
  131. (LAKE) Lake Somerville Somerville Bass
  132. (LAKE) Lake Conroe Conroe 1/2/09
  133. (LAKE) Lake Somerville BIG fish (BASS) caught on the 1st..Yeeee
  134. (LAKE) Cedar Creek Lake Jan 2, 2009 six good uns
  135. (RIVER) San Jacinto River white bass
  136. (LAKE) Other TX Lake/Pond Lake Rven, Back Seat open on 1-4-09 AM
  137. (LAKE) Lake Livingston mixed bag today! & weather?
  138. (LAKE) Lake Livingston Bank Fishing
  139. (RIVER) San Jacinto River Yaking buddy....
  140. (LAKE) Lake Houston Winter Crappie
  141. (LAKE) Lake Somerville Trolling for the Crappie at Somerville...01-03-2009
  142. (LAKE) Lake Conroe Tried for the white's
  143. (LAKE) Cedar Creek Lake cc 1-5 cold, wet, windy, &blue day
  144. (LAKE) Gibbons Creek Reservoir Gibbon's Creek 1/2/09
  145. (LAKE) Lake Houston O Christmas Tree . . .
  146. (LAKE) Cedar Creek Lake cc 1-6 much better
  147. (RIVER) San Jacinto River San Jac River
  148. (LAKE) Lake Conroe 1/7/09
  149. (LAKE) Lake Conroe conroe friday
  150. (LAKE) Lake Livingston white bass
  151. (LAKE) Lake Conroe Free launch at StowAWay
  152. (RIVER) Trinity River trinity river run
  153. (LAKE) Cedar Creek Lake cc 1-9 "Baby the wind must blow"
  154. (LAKE) Lake Conroe Last Night
  155. (LAKE) Gibbons Creek Reservoir Gibbon's Creek 1/9/09
  156. (LAKE) Lake Conroe on road.....
  157. (LAKE) Fayette County Lake Are they still bittin
  158. (LAKE) Lake Houston 2009 Houston Boat Show
  159. (LAKE) Lake Conroe Wow 1-10-09 Wow
  160. (LAKE) Lake Palestine Personal Best Blue Cats!!
  161. (LAKE) Lake Conroe conroe 1/11 09
  162. (LAKE) Other TX Lake/Pond TPWD rainbow trout
  163. (LAKE) Cedar Creek Lake cc 1/11-12
  164. (LAKE) Gibbons Creek Reservoir Gibbons 1-12-08
  165. (LAKE) Lake Conroe Catfish 1-12-09
  166. (LAKE) Other TX Lake/Pond Very cold and windy 1-13-09/ Rainbow Trout
  167. (LAKE) Lake Houston Below the DAM
  168. (RIVER) San Jacinto River "Flat" out fishing....01-14-09
  169. (LAKE) Lake Conroe Lake Conroe Gets Ready For A Health Boost In '09
  170. (LAKE) Cedar Creek Lake cc 1-14 30.25# blue
  171. (LAKE) Lake Conroe After work
  172. (LAKE) Lake Conroe Getting my boat back tomorrow
  173. (SALT) Other Saltwater Galvez Jetty Report
  174. (LAKE) Lake Livingston Bulkhead Catfish
  175. (LAKE) Lake Houston Boat Rentals
  176. (LAKE) Lake Houston where do the crappie hide?
  177. (RIVER) San Jacinto River Fresh or Salt license?
  178. (LAKE) Other TX Lake/Pond inks lake?
  179. (LAKE) Gibbons Creek Reservoir Gibbon's Creek 1-16-09
  180. (RIVER) Other River/Creek I have a date....!
  181. (LAKE) Other TX Lake/Pond Bouroughs Park Trout
  182. (LAKE) Lake Conroe fishing with john
  183. (LAKE) Lake Houston Tpw Stars
  184. (LAKE) Lake Houston The Goonsquad on Lake Houston
  185. (RIVER) Trinity River trinity whites
  186. (RIVER) Other River/Creek Hawg and the Pine Tree....
  187. (LAKE) Cedar Creek Lake Jan 17-19 two very ruff water fishing days
  188. (LAKE) Lake Conroe Fishing with LB
  189. (LAKE) Lake Conroe annual christmas tree dump out
  190. (LAKE) Lake Somerville Somerville 1-19-09
  191. (LAKE) Gibbons Creek Reservoir Gibbons Creek 1-20-09
  192. (LAKE) Lake Conroe big boy big bass
  193. (LAKE) Other TX Lake/Pond Headed To OH Ivie
  194. (LAKE) Lake Conroe Toyota Texas Bass Classic Relocates To Lake Conroe
  195. (LAKE) Lake Conroe lost jug
  196. (LAKE) Sheldon Lake TP&W surveying
  197. (LAKE) Gibbons Creek Reservoir Gibbon's Creek 1-23-09
  198. (LAKE) Lake Conroe Bass fishing North End 1-24-09
  199. (LAKE) Lake Conroe Jugging right now
  200. (LAKE) Other TX Lake/Pond Lake Marble Falls / Buchanan?
  201. (LAKE) Lake Conroe Code Blue....
  202. (RIVER) San Jacinto River New to area
  203. (LAKE) Lake Conroe 1-25-09 bass fishing
  204. (LAKE) Lake Somerville Somerville 1-25-09
  205. (RIVER) San Jacinto River Question about love's marina
  206. (LAKE) Lake Conroe Flagging Jugs
  207. (RIVER) San Jacinto River Jugging
  208. (LAKE) Lake Somerville Windy Saturday report for Somerville!!
  209. (LAKE) Other TX Lake/Pond Brazos Bend State Park
  210. (LAKE) Lake Texana Water level
  211. (LAKE) Out Of State Lake Memory lane
  212. (LAKE) Lake Houston great day
  213. (LAKE) Lake Conroe Question about 1097 crappie
  214. (LAKE) Lake Texana hows the crappie
  215. (LAKE) Cedar Creek Lake Finally happened!!
  216. (LAKE) Lake Conroe Conroe Tomorrow?
  217. (LAKE) Lake Conroe pool noodles for jug lines
  218. (LAKE) Lake Livingston livingston white bass
  219. (LAKE) Lake Conroe Winter time bream
  220. (LAKE) Lake Conroe Backseat open for SundayFeb 1st
  221. (LAKE) Lake Somerville Low Water Level
  222. (LAKE) Lake Conroe Fishin Conroe
  223. (LAKE) Sam Rayburn Reservoir bass fishing
  224. (LAKE) Lake Conroe New Lake Conroe Black Bass Record?
  225. (RIVER) San Jacinto River The Whites Are a Runnin
  226. (LAKE) Lake Conroe Couple open seats 01/31/09 Night juggin
  227. (LAKE) Lake Houston Lake Houston
  228. (LAKE) Lake Conroe not the lake record, but
  229. (LAKE) Other TX Lake/Pond Got An 8 lber on Fork!!
  230. (LAKE) Gibbons Creek Reservoir Gibbons Creek 12-31-09
  231. (LAKE) Lake Houston First catch of the year
  232. (RIVER) San Jacinto River San Jacinto Whites, Kids Makin Memories
  233. (LAKE) Lake Somerville Somerville 1-31-09
  234. (LAKE) Lake Conroe John's Bass
  235. (LAKE) Lake Conroe 1-31-09 Bass fishing
  236. (LAKE) Lake Conroe 1-31-09 Jugging
  237. (RIVER) San Jacinto River Below the dam
  238. (LAKE) Lake Livingston Livingston 1/31/09
  239. (RIVER) San Jacinto River My weekend....PART 1 of 3
  240. (LAKE) Lake Conroe My weekend....PART 2 of 3
  241. (LAKE) Lake Houston The West Fork
  242. (LAKE) Lake Somerville Fat Fish/Crappie at Somerville...1-31-2009
  243. (LAKE) Lake Conroe Get ready for a dangerous spawn
  244. (LAKE) Lake Conroe New jugging video....
  245. (LAKE) Lake Conroe conroe camping at cagle park
  246. (LAKE) Lake Conroe 2-03-09 bass fishing
  247. (LAKE) Lake Conroe My new Flaggin Juglines
  248. (LAKE) Lake Conroe Water Temp.
  249. (LAKE) Other TX Lake/Pond Jesse Jones
  250. (RIVER) San Jacinto River San Jac Whites