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Thread: Nightfishing Section

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    Nightfishing Section

    Many of the members do alot of night fishing. And at the present, we do not have a nightfishing section.
    I know we have alot of sections already, and some will be edited soon.
    Is there any interest in adding Nightfishing Section?
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    I think that is a good idea, I catch most of my fish at night.

    Consolidating the rest of the forums would be an excellent idea!

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    That sat night that we fished with you was the first time in a long time that I fished at night but plan on doing more in the summer!!. winter I go to daylight saving time. Yes do it!!
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    U MEEN FOLKS ACTUALLY FISH DURING the day in da 110 degree heat waves??? :black: :black: :evilbat: must be genUine true red necks in the purest forms.
    aint that why we have the reflective tape on top ada jugs? something wonderfull about fishing in the moonlight and waves gently slappin the side of the boat. clouds sytematicly turnin the moon on and off. them nonblinking jugs standin a 1/2 mile away just adds a greater thrill in their persuit. u non nightowl types missin the best of summertime fishin .whaddiya think?

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