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Thread: Two stories

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    Two stories

    Got my boat back today. Scott said the plugs were fouled badly and replaced them. He cleaned out the carburetor which he said was full of junk. He installed a new water pump and lower unit oil. He replaced the water removal filter. He topped off the hydraulic fluid for the tilt. He cleaned the hard grease out of the steering module and re greased it. He said the electric choke was not working and he fixed that. $360 out the door. Scott lives on the lake just north of 1960 on the east side. He does on the water boat repair (at owner's docks). 281-850-1120.

    Now for the second story... My boat trailer had no brake or turn lights when I pulled it home. Checked all fuses that had anything to do with brakes lights or turn signals... all fine. Took my trusty old volt meter and tested for voltage at the truck plug and only got voltage for the running (tail) lights, but no voltage for brake or turn signal lights. Therefore the problem was in the truck wiring. Went under the truck hood to see where the trailer was wired in. Noticed a huge amount of leaves packed up by the firewall. Started digging them out with my hands (got a small trash can half full) and discovered the wiring harness for the trailer lights. It was chewed to pieces!!!!. The dang squirrels had built a nest inside the hood and chewed on the trailer wires that had ended up inside the mess of leaves, cutting 2 of them. I have never heard of such a thing. I don't drive my truck but once or twice a week and the little buggers took up residence and built a nest.

    I'll see if I can fix it tomorrow, but if it looks past me, off the the repair shop I go to get a quote. If it is too expensiv I probably just go buy a trailer wire tail and wire it directly into the truck tail lights like we used to do..
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    Great stories; first one is that is an HOA dock not Scotts but he does own the house adjacent to the dock which makes it perfect for a watercraft repairs guy, the other guys from holidays used to take his to Ponderosa and the washout really jacks up th boat ramp so anyway good informtive storys and reasonabe on repairs , so you did not take it on the water ? Catch some SK special crappies??

    Sorry bout your trailer but squirels need love too and a place to live and reproduce!!
    Thanks for taking time to share and post up your wonder ful stories if it was not for your stories we'd be history already.....

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    Sounds like he did a ton of work for $360. That's a darn good deal. It ought to be in tip top shape.

    A two dollar box of moth balls will fix the squirrel and rat issues. We have to leave a box on the tractor so they dont make a nest. Esp in winter time when it gets cold. I just noticed some under the seat of the ATV the other day. Gonna have to put them on my Walmart list...

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    Sure was looking forward to some fishing stories. Lol.

    Get it fixed up and go after them crappie.
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