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Thread: Unexpectedly, back in town

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    Unexpectedly, back in town

    I thought I was getting fired when my boss came in and pulled me out of the class I was teaching Tuesday. Instead, I found out there were three guys here in Houston, waiting for class to start.
    I flew out of Orlando at noon. I'll be here through this weekend. Ben, are we still on for one of those days? I hope you read this before the weekend rolls around.
    John, you available for a day? NCFL?

    Let me know, I'd love to be out there on the water, even if the winds are supposed to be a bit brisk.

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    Senior Member Master in FishingTX willie's Avatar
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    welcome back.
    theres room for all gods creatures,
    right next to the mashed taters.

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    Welocme back I ma wrkin gdis weekend but he ytehre is plenty otehr rides come omn everybody get with the Florida bass kin gand have some fun, outdoors!!

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