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Thread: Fishin in the front yard

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    Ole Bill

    Talking Fishin in the front yard

    This morning i got up early got my coffee and went outside ta see what was going on. I was lookin through my tackle box and found an old top water lure that i had taken the hooks off of. Well my half grown tom cat kitten took a big interest in that ole lure and i decided what the heck and tied it to one of my rods and give it a little cast out into a mud puddle and started to twitching it across the water and that little ole cat did a nose dive right into the puddle after it. As you can guess he came out of that water like a duck jumpin on a june bug and me laughing so hard i was about ta pull a gator and bust a rib laughin. My wife came out to see what all the ruckus was about just in time as i tossed that lure back into that mud puddle and saw that cat take another leap at it only ta jump right back out again. Well I was laughin the cat was shakin its paws one after another lookin like a drowned rat and my wife was fussin at me fer gettin that poor cat wet. She wanted to know what possessed me to do such a thing and i looked her square in the eye and said I just wanted to see if a cat would take a top water lure.:Cpunch:

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    bbbaaahhh what she getting mad fer you took the hooks off
    got one foe you we got a bird feeder in back yard with a 6 foot ladder under it i filled the feeder with seed but left the ladder (they mt it in 2 days) well this ugly kitten i mean ugly kitten is on the top trying to reach the feeder and get a bird

    feed the birds they get fat cat feeds on birds cat gets fat we barbeque cat we get fat anyone what to come for a barbeque?
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    Bill,i got a mud puddle you can put the hooks back on and cast in and might catch some kind of fish..

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    Thats too funny Bill. Something I might do!!!!!!!!!!! PS you should of put that in the joke section.

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    Ole Bill
    ok Scotta its in the joke section do what ever ya want to it

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    That is pretty funny
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    Red dot cat toy laser pointer thingamajiggy

    If you want to laugh till you cry get a laser pointer and put the dot where the cat notices it and just play keep away it is more fun than a barrel of monkeys! HAHAHAHHA! My cat never seems to get tired of it! I use to tie on a spinner bait skirt and play with the cat until aI found the laser pointer trick.
    Johnboat john

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    Ole Bill
    yea im always useing a lasar pointer with my cats even the old cats love it

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