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Thread: Heads Up!

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    Heads Up!

    I lost my internet connection at 10am, this morning. After doing my usual things to get it back, without success, I called Embarq, my phone company. The representative had me do this and that, some of which I had already done.

    Then, which, is very unusual, he had me poke that small button on my router, for my wireless pc, with a pen, for 30 seconds. That returns settings to the default settings. The main pc was then able to get a connection.

    I came back, in here, to this wireless pc and told him I did not have a connection here. He told me my router needed to be replaced and that the warranty was expired, a new one would cost $79.99. I said I was gonna check at Best Buy and he informed me I would not get the phone support from Embarq, if I did not buy it from them. I said ok, I will try some things, think about it and reboot my pc.

    Wellllll, after rebooting my pc, I have internet but my connection is still looking for a network address. It ain't broke now, so I am not fixing it.

    I have dealt with Sprint, now Embarq, over several years with my DSL not working. This is the first time they have told me I needed to buy from them because my equipment was faulty. It seems like their strategies have changed with their name. BEWARE

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    Whenever you reset your router you have to reboot for it to take effect. I have made that mistake many many times

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    They always will tell you that to get a sale,
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    It seems like they would want to provide service because you have there service regardless of your hardware. Am I gonna have to buy a roadrunner computer next?

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