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Thread: 07 fishing show

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    07 fishing show

    me and ole bill went on a field trip down to the brown convention center. bill road the igloo carts and ran into a good friend josh (no thats not a purse its a fishing bag he got for a texas subscripion) but we did tell him in really enhanced is eyes. bbbbaaaahhhh oh yeah we felt compled to oped the doors for him. and i did find a new shallow runner all ready has the gator name on it.
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    How did the Igloo Ride? Nice pics . Glad you got to go. This will be the first year I've missed but I need to work. I got a fishing habit I need to support.

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    Ole Bill
    well after my nap on the couch i got up and seen what the gator said. what he didnt tell ya is he was a braggin bout how fast that scooter of his was at bass pro ole layton can tell ya bout that. so i just kept razzing him till they lined them rides up course ole gator kept crying bout the weight difference but he lined it up and i gave em the giddy up go sign and they took off it was a good drag race but ole gator got smoked right off the line and it was a run away for the igloo. im sure we will be hearing more about the igloo at the grand national electric cart races gators tean is already workin on modifications by making gator loose weight work out more and he has been place back on his liquid diet. we hope that by next year for the rematch he wont protest so much about the weight difference. oh yea and did i say that after seeing how fast that igloo is well i got to have me one of those oh yeas and PS Josh ya look good with yer new purse

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    Looks like you guys had fun.I think ya'll have fun doing anything.Keep it up

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    Ole Bill
    ya know john me and the gator have fun no matter what we figure lifes to short ta make it serious at this stage of the game so we find ways ta have a darn good time. i just wish all of us could do it at the same time cause the ole world would have sudden back flip of worldly love and there might be a lil peace in this world instead of all the hate.

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    I need to get me one of those fancy scooter things, is that a rod holder mounted on the back?
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    Ole Bill


    Quote Originally Posted by dwaynez
    I need to get me one of those fancy scooter things, is that a rod holder mounted on the back?
    ya durn tootin and its got a place right tixt yer legs that opens up fer the cold drinks an balony samiches too and its got a place ta hook on a igloo ice chest fer extra samiches and cold drinks if yer a stayin or expectin company bwaaaaaaaaaaaahahahhhhhhhhhh

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