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Thread: Welcome otocatchfish

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    Welcome otocatchfish

    Welcome to FishingTx otocatchfish!! Where do you fish and what do you like to fish for? Share some fishing adventures and enjoy the site.

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    Ole Bill



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    My name is Loren Goodrich I am 17 and fish every chance I get. I have a 14' Grumman with a 9.8 merc. I mainly fish luce bayou and the east fork cause it is close to my house, I live about 3 miles frome BJ's marina.I like to fish for catfish and crappie mostly and some bass. My biggest freshwater fish so far was a blue cat that was about 18lbs caught it monday in luce. Well you whanta hear a fishing adventure? Well you probaly wont believe this but last thursday me my brother and my friend were running jugs and we were in luce catching shad with the castnet, the water was about a foot deep and a bass jumped in my boat! NO JOKE! It was right at 14 inches.that was the wierdest thing that ever happend to me while I was fishing and it will probaly never happen again. My boat is one of a kind so if you see me give me a hollar, it has a 1965 mercry motor (that pirrs like a kitty) I have a big deck up front and a transom mount trolling motor up front. It dont look that perdy but it does what its sapposed to do. I fish about twice a week.

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    That is an amazing story. Wonder what that fish saw to make it jump like that. You have a boat like mine but I was 33 years older than you when I got it. By the time you are my age, you should have a yacht or a cruise ship.

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    A BIG welcome to fishing tx.

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