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Thread: Dancing Horse!

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    Dancing Horse!

    This is an incredible display of hosemanship...just wait till he rocks out at the end!

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    Jesus said "Go to the sea, throw in your hook and take the first fish you catch......" Matthew 17:27

    "and look in it's mouth. There you will find enough coins to pay the tax for both of us"...........Maththew 17:27

    megjur, you post my favorite scripture! Jesus found it amusing that Peter was so concerned! He said, "God does NOT pay temple taxes!"
    Nevertheless, He does provide!

    I share this scripture often, and I look in the mouth of EVERY fish I catch, just in case!

    PS - The dancing horse is, as my kids say, "way cool." THANK YOU!
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    Ole Bill
    even my wife stopped to watch the horse that was great

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    King seems the main fish species in the Sea of Gallilee is the tilapia! All the more reason to check fishes mouth now that they've become local!

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    terrifiic video. Thanks

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