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Thread: BP TC hiring operators

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    BP TC hiring operators

    Saw this on another site, I don't work here or have anything to do with them, just passing along info

    BP Chemicals Texas City - Operator Job Openings


    Letter from my plant manager.

    Dear Colleagues

    I have some exciting news to announce concerning future additions to our team at Texas City Chemicals. For two Sundays, April 22 and 29, 2007, we are running ads in the Galveston Daily News and Houston Chronicle for Operators. We are targeting to start a Basic Operator Training class on July 23, 2007. The class will be Texas City Chemicals only in recognition of our serious need for help in Operations. The hiring will be accomplished as a joint effort a third-party supplier, Certified Staffing, a Resourcing Team made up of salaried and hourly Operations people, and the rest of the Texas City team. Each of us has a role in making sure we end up with new operators who are well qualified technically, share our values and are committed to making Texas City Chemicals a world-class manufacturing facility. To settle for anything less would be to sell ourselves short and to compromise our legacy to the next generation of employees. I will pledge to you that the Resourcing Team will do itís very best to achieve our goals. I am asking for your support, as well. If you know people, friends and family, who you believe meet the standards we have set, please let them know we are accepting applications. When members of the Resourcing Team need to be away from the units in order to attend to this important business, please support them by filling the breach. Finally, when the new members of our team report for work, please welcome them, assist them and encourage them to carry on the tradition of operational excellence that we are establishing.

    Here is the information prospective applicants need to know:
    Dates of ads:April 22 & 29, 2007 - Galveston Daily News and Houston Chronicle

    Ads will also be posted at and on the websites
    Additional information:
    Minimum requirements :
    High school diploma or equivalent
    5+ years experience as an operator in a petrochemical plant or refinery AND/OR
    2 year Associateís degree in Process Technology
    Operator positions work the 12-hour rotating shift schedules and must be available for overtime, including weekends and holidays.

    Candidates will be required to successfully complete extensive testing, interviews, a drug/alcohol screen, and training.

    Qualified applicants should forward a resume via walk-in, e-mail or fax to:

    Certified Customized Staffing
    16951 Feather Craft
    Houston, TX 77058
    Fax (281) 280-0864 OR
    (Must be in Microsoft Word format only)
    In the subject line it must state: Attn: BP Texas City Chemical Process Operators

    Only resumes received by 5/6/07 will be considered

    HR will NOT be accepting resumes. All resumes must be sent to Certified Customized Staffing
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    i know for myself i wouldnt want to work there because every time i turn on the news something bad has happened there. just last week they took over 100 people to the hospital on buses and they still dont know what was wrong with them. i know bad things happen everywhere but it just seems that they happen alot more at the bp texas city plant. thats just my 2 cents though.

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    well i thought about that two but being a chemical plant operator for 23 years i would be willing to bet that with everyone watching them like a hawk i bet that is a very safe plant today. im sure the main office has instructed texas city FIX IT NO MORE PROBLEMS
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    With the problems they have been having, Maybe thats why they are hiring.

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