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Thread: Favorite Coffee

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    Favorite Coffee

    My guess is we have some serious coffee drinkers out there.
    Tell us your preference.

    Mine is Eight O'Clock brand 100% Colombian in the whole beans, ground right before you brew. Price is a little higher than Folgers, but not too bad, about $11. for 2 & 1/4 pound bag, but often on sale at Randall's for 9.00.
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    Ole Bill
    i drink folgers custom blend 4.99 2 lb can on sale at wal-mart thats for everyday get up in the morning coffee then its custom coffee blends if i want a cup after that one of my favorites is Arabica which is a strong full flavored brew i also order coffee blends on the internet here is one of my favorite sites

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    Well it has to be Seaport Dark Roast at $2.99 a pound. A suitable sub would be Community Dark Roast.

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    i dont drink it at home but if i out and feel like a cup its whatever my friends have bbbaaaahhhh
    bill are those metal cans of coffee if yes save me 2 i need them
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    I am a coffee connoisseur. I tried lots of brand and lots of types. I believe that Jamaican Blue Mountain is the best coffee by far. Everybody who has tried it comments on its smoothness and unique flavor.

    Unfortunately, I have only had one 1-pound bag, brought to me from Jamaica when fishing buddy Harold went on a cruise. Used only for special moments, I keep it in the freezer. Probably got only enough grounds to make four or five more cups.

    I thought about buying some more till I found it is about $60 per pound. You can buy a Blue Mountain blend, where the real thing is mixed with regular coffee for about $6 a pound. It is still good but jut not the real thing.

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    hot and black.........don't really have a favorite brand. refuse to pay for starbucks though regardless of how good it is......guess i am too cheap.

    Guy i work with goes to Peurto Rico on mission work every year and brings in some good stuff every now and then. Don't know the name of it but it has good flavor.
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    Diet Dr. Pepper ... Don't like coffee

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    John can attest to this, Yukon freshly ground and kept in freezer. It's from starbucks. I make it with filtered Brita water. It's a BOLD coffee with low acid and no bitterness. The best cup of coffee I have ever had. I only drink one cup a day so it's not that expensive over time, or atleast it's easy to justify because I dont go through that much!

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    Community or whatever they bring!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    GREAT VALUE Walmart Brand !!!!!!!!!!!!< yall dont know but I have been putting it in a Folgers Can at the campground.( Musters ) ha ha ha ha ha
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