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Thread: Welcome SEA PRO 210

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    Welcome SEA PRO 210


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    Welcome to fishingtx!

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    I'm glad you made it! Welcome to FishingTX.Com, the friendliest fishing forum you will find.

    Take a look around and you'll discover a real community of very different people interested in aspects of fishing at all levels from beginner to expert. What unites everyone is the desire to communicate, share, learn and discuss fishing.

    There Are Four Basic Rules

    1. Talk about fishing,
    2. Read about fishing,
    3. Catching fish, and
    4. Having fun.

    Whether you're here seeking help as a beginner to fishing, or are an advanced (PC) fisher person, it's great to see a new face. If you have a little knowledge share it with us. Update your profile info so people will know a little more about you. We will all thank you for helping us get to know you better.

    Now, jump in and have a good time, while you are getting to know us.

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    Welcome to FishingTx!! Share some fishing adventures and enjoy the site.

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    Welcome to FishingTx!!!

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    Hey Seapro210, Show us some picutres!! And keep that AT42 from lockin' out tonight for me Brother!

    Long live the IBEW Local 66!
    "Old Guys Rule"

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    Thanks Y'all

    Thanks for the very warm welcome from all of you! I must admit I found this site from King Tut and I am glad I did. I fish either Conroe or offshore most of the time, but I have been known to wet a hook across most of the state at one time or another. Since King Tut asked so nicely I am posting pictures from last weekend at Conroe and my last offshore trip of '06. Look forward to meeting/fishing with some of y'all in the future...
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    Thanks for sharing your adventures and pics.. Those had to have been a great time.

    As far the Conroe bass???
    Look Bob, look John, there are some of inbred bass!! I say that the big one next to his foot is a white. What are the rest? White, striped, or hybrid? Are we the only ones wondering about this? We know to look for the tooth patches but that is not always obvious. So we pitch them back, when it doubt.

    SEA PRO.. come join us at muster, this weekend. Lots of fishing, eating and members will be there!

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    Ole Bill
    welcome to fishingtx. i would sure help out with bait and gas for truck and boat if i could get somewhere to catch some of those snappers those others look like kings and is one in the bottom row a anglefish or a sheephead hard ta see in the pic

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    Fish ID

    In answer to the species questions, the Conroe pics are my limit of Hybrids and a bonus 15.5 inch Crappie. The picture does not do any of the fish justice. The Hybrid closest to my foot is 21 inches long (I wear a size 12) and the one closest to the crappie is 18.5 inches. As far as the offshore picture, yes I had some "newbies" on the boat that day and they slipped in a Spadefish (Angelfish) on me when I wasn't looking. The offshore boat is my dad's and is usually full but I will post up here if/when we need extra crew members.....The more I lurk the more I really like this site...Thanks again to everyone...

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