i read this and could not agree more our news media is the most of the problems we have today they decide what to promote rather than report for all our service men and women,past and present, standing and fallen thank you from the gator

pRIORITIES - A Marine's View
>When I was in the U.S.M.C. reserves, I had this Platoon Commander a
>officer, a good MARINE. A little over a year ago, he takes an IED to
>humvee and gets smeared across 50 meters of Iraqi asphalt. He got a
>military funeral, a blurb in the local newspaper, and a bunch of
>ignorant New England protestors show up at his funeral.
>Yet, some cracked out, dim-witted bimbo Playboy bunny dies in her hotel
>room and she gets a news conference and 24/7 hours of live continuous
>television coverage.....
>Thanks for having your priorities straight America....
>I am sending this because I agree with this MARINE!!!!!!
>And I Thank all of our Service Men past and Present.