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Thread: Roger Clemmons goes to Yankees

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    Roger Clemmons goes to Yankees

    So much for all the stuff about wanting to be near his family and all. I guess big money (28 million) trumps all that, even though he already has more money than God. Honestly, I was tired of all of his "Am I gonna play, who am I gonna play for" stuff, dragging things out each year. He told the Astros to talk to him on May 15th and he'd be ready to negotiate and then he signs with the Yankees on May 6th. So much for good faith..and this after the 'stros bent over backwards to accomodate the prima donna.

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    I agree,never thought he would play for us and don't really think he would make a difference.Glad hes gone....

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    As far as I am concerned Roger Clemens going to the Yankees is a big so what.I saw no reason for the Astros to sign him last season.
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    Ole Bill
    thats exactly why i dont bother with pro sports. just a bunch of over paid prima donas that causes the little guy to have to pay through the nose just to have what some call fun. i can think of better things to spend money on than a strutting ball player

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    I have to admit I'm a little on the other side of the fence on this issue. The stros hitting will come around and our starting pitching is the consistent inconsistancy that will continue. We do need him. Sorry to see him go but he had to do what he thought was right for himself. I mean he is at the end of a great career and whatever he wants out of this be it money, championship or the mystic of the pin stripes he doesnt have a lot of time to achieve it. He did what he thought was right for himself. If I was as good at my job as he is at his and been consistant at it for that long, I could maybe find a company that would pro-rate my salary and let me work for half a year. I wish him well and best of luck.

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    $28 million trumps alot of things. I wish he had stayed but I totally agree with Scott.

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    Let's see: I have never attended a pro football game. I attended one pro basketball game back in the 70's. I have attended a few pro baseball games, but my last one featured J.R. Richards as the Astro's pitcher. I don't believe that athletes should be given degrees that everyone else has to work hard for. Earl Campbell may be the greatest as a person, but does he deserve a degree from the University of Texas? Wasn't his degree in communication? He could barely put a sentence together! :grrr: Enough of my soapbox.

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    tee ball is the best sport of all the kids run off the field after a game get there snow cones and on the way home everyones happy and laughing and then you here "did we win"
    after tee ball it goes in the gutter as far as im concerned
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    let's see......i think i see a trend starting here......

    earl campbell.....t-sip....
    roger clemens....t-sip....

    enough said....LOL

    couldn't help but see the pattern....sorry Scott.(t-sip too)
    Clark.......gigem '91

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    Ole Bill
    i agree with gator and WBF

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