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Thread: stupid people

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    stupid people

    im sorry but i saw something today that really #%$# me off!!!!!!
    we went over to fishingtx very own layton's house and meet his wife super neat lady (anita wants her to come next get together so she can have some more lady friends to talk too) well when we left i saw the mother of the year. she should get a award . we came to a light the car seat was in the front seat (suppose to be in the back) 1st problem, 2nd baby was in moms arms. 3rd mom holding baby with left arm while fingers were own steering wheel to drive with. 4th right hand feeding baby bottle to baby. 5th was really neat the way the baby sucked on bottle while mom took a moment to shift. 6th and this is not a joke while holding a phone in crock of her shoulderwhile talking. but the only thing that made all this okay was the little waving thing in the back window that said "BABY ON BOARD" i guess we should stay away from her car so the baby is safe. i will step down now off my box but im still mad thank you
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    Ole Bill
    no comment dont want to get started on that but gator knows what i think about people cell phones and babies out of their restraints.

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    That mother sure takes many risks!!

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    I see a lot of people on the road who can't drive correctly while talking on their phone; what you witnessed was the ultimate !

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    LIC# then 911 to report the "offender"! sometimes they have asked for permission to use my name as the "compliatint", YUP, use my name to let them know that I am watching them reallly close!!:secret:

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    You forgot # 7.didn't mom have a smoke hanging from her lips as well! Stupid is as does.Duuuaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!

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    Ole Bill
    thanks medic and thanks layton those are two numbers i will remember and use if i observe something as as that the actions of that woman is really not it is down and out criminal and she needs to be locked up for child endangerment IMO

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