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Thread: I Love this Place

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    I Love this Place

    You can't help but love this place with the wealth of knowledge and help given by everyone to point you in the right direction to get started. Thanks to all.

    I've been a real slacker in not posting these sooner. I've been working on getting the kitchen pass to go do it again though.

    Went fishing in OCOEs squatters camp under 1097 in the daylight on May 4 while he was sleeping/working/cleaning out junk yards or otherwise occupied and found the fish on the table. My brother came up and we sat there empty handed until NCFL and T-111 came by to bring the good juujuu and we started catching. Hybrids were on perch and cats on chicken liver. The cast net just wouldn't find shad. OCOE, you're magic spot is still working.

    Went back to 1097 May 5 and got blown off the water and never lost a bait. Now here is the normal muleherder fishing trip.

    Went back on May 7 with the same plan but we had a few shad which yielded the gaspargou. Caught the hybrids on 2-4 in perch and 1 on chicken liver. Moved to the medullas pattern of windblown grassy point at dark and caught a third of the catfish there till we ran out of patience and chicken liver. The 48 qt ice chest was full so we went home. Those are the pics on the back porch.

    Went back May 19 fishing overnight with a couple guys from work to the windblown grassy point fishing the edge of the weeds and filled a 48 qt with the bunch in the pickup. We cast net some perch but all we caught was on chicken liver. Medulla, you're magic pattern is still working .. or was a couple weeks ago.

    I might as well hang it up for the rest of the year. I know I'm way over my quota of allowed fish for the year.
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    Medullas pattern also worked well for my neibor the week after it worked for you.Medulla your a genius.

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    Awesome !!!!!!!!!!!1 Glad someone is fishin gand sharing !! Tnaks you .......

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    Ole Bill
    good report nice pics just what the dr ordered

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    Wow, you have really been doing good. May was your month. I think OCOE's spot is at the other end of the bridge. Just about anywhere under the bridge is good though. Those are some great looking fish.

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    wow, seem like you had a lot of fun

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    Terrfic report and nice pictures. PLEASE, keep the reports coming

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    good catch

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    Please fill me in on what you guys are doing to catch the cats? I have been shut out totatally and I just want to learn where to go to get them and the best method. 1097 bridge was way to windy tonight and I don't have a backup plan as of yet. You mentioned fishing the grass, but where and what depth of water?

    BTW I totally agree, this site is the best! I would of sold my boat by now if it wasn't for people on this site helping me out. Hopefully one day, I will be the guy giving the advice instead of seeking it!


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    My advise to you Broy would be to read all Medulla's posts if your rod and reel fishing.He is very detailed on where to find em.Good Luck.
    Night time bulk heads would be my first bet.

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