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    Angry Try this on for size

    They ( The Democrat Congress) even want amnesty for the 36,000 plus violent game members known to be in the US, if they sign the "I want out of the gang agreement". My family backgroud is Cherokee and Scottish/English. The Cherokees were subjected to terrible handling by the goverment before they became citizens and the rest of my ancestors stood in line at Galveston or Ellis Island to get into this country. I feel this is unfair, what do you think?
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    No amnesty, period. Just inforce the existing law. Maybe they should give this problem over to the IRS to inforce. They don't cut any slack.

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    Ole Bill
    next thing ya know is the real citizens of this country will have to learn spanish to maintain citizenship. the d&()*(* dummycrap do gooders will see to that oh yea give mexico all the money to keep em down their yea right mexican politions will get richer and the peons will be swimmin the river bwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahahahahaha aint no end to it

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