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Thread: Houston Toll road prices are going up, AGAIN!

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    Houston Toll road prices are going up, AGAIN!

    Did ya hear? Yep, they voted today to raise toll road fees, again. I remember when the Beltway 8 bridge over the Ship Channel was a pay, until it is paid for, was voted for. The price of using that bridge has increased several times and you can't even see over the sides. :grrr: Now, it will increase again, along with the rest of ALL the toll roads here. When will this bridge be paid off?

    To add insult to injury, the new Westpark Toll will double in price. Looks to me that it was built for the rich to have a nice place to drive their expensive cars.

    If Channel 13 was wrong, I take all of that Westpark Toll road stuff back.

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    You got to pay for growth.

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    Ole Bill
    well john says ya got to pay for growth and i agree what i dont agree with is when you have to pay and pay and pay for the same thing over and over and over again actually they are getting paid twice for it if you figure the highway use taxes from gasoline and diesel fuel auto licenses excise taxes on tires and batteries and then the added expense of toll dollars along with all the other taxes i forgot to mention such as boat trailer or other things you pull behind your vehicle or operate such as motorcycles scooters etc.

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