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    Received An Education

    Well, I learned something new today. After thinking about it, I GUESS it makes some sort of sense, but to say the least I am dissappointed.

    My wife and I were on the lake. I went to a common area, and picked out a place that was more than a full cast distance from any other boats. There were probably a dozen boats spread around a few acres. Several boats were closer together than I was to anybody. All of the boats I noticed were slabbing. A few minutes later a troller came by right through the middle of everybody. As it turns out, he was trolling with 100 yards of line behind his boat. Our lines tangled. He decided to teach me a lesson, picked up speed considerably, and came at me and swerved at the last second, missing me by no more than 3 feet. I felt pretty helpless anchored there. I wrote his TX numbers down, took a picture of his boat for proof (of what?), and called the law. He took off for the ramp.

    The TP&W went to visit his home. He turned the story around, claimed I did all the things that he did, and even added a few more lies for good measure. The warden then called me on the phone and had me meet him at the dock. The warden told me if he arrested anyone, it would be both of us. One persons word versus another.

    The warden also cut some line with my needle nose pliers for microsopic examination, as the troller said I had cut his line!

    What did I learn: It's the old west out on the water! If someone uses their boat as a weapon to threaten you, just pick up anchor and leave to prevent going to jail.

    PS-From the close view I got of them, it appeared to be 3 generations, with the gentleman standing being the father of the long haired gentleman, and the grandfather of the one in the white tee shirt. There's nothing like a good role model.
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    Ole Bill
    thats exactly why i dont go out there on weekends probably full of beer and a i dont give a @$%# attitude

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    Hey WBF, today I was driving through the subdivision today and some gentleman was 2 inches from my bumper' I finally stopped and got out and he went by and turned around. He came back pointing a gun. I followed and calledm 911 from my house. Sherriff showed up at my house and was real nice. He said he could search and the guy gave him permission, etc. etc. Anyway, nothing was done but innocent untill proven guilty. Guy basically turned the story around. I havent had a gun since 1989 that I got rid of that year. Wow, what a world we live in. But then agian, I understand the officers point of view. He doesnt know who to believe. Frustrating, yes!!!!!!!!!! Buyt remember, we live in America and we are innocent untill proven guilty. Sucks when we know we are right but look at it from the officers poiunt of view. In my case, it was my word against his and his friends. I move on. Fromthat pic though and knowing you WBF, I know what the real story is but we have to put ourselves in the officers point of view. Good luck and I am sorry for what happened. At least taKe solice in the fact that they are not sending it to the infamous crime lab

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