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Thread: Welcome Turner

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    Welcome Turner

    Welcome to FishingTx Turner!! Where and what do you fish for? Share some fishing adventures and enjoy the site.

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    Thanks for the welcome!! I live in Sachse, TX. NE of Dallas. I am about 10 minutes from Lake Lavon and Lake Ray Hubbard. I've been in Texas for about 9.5 years and have fished only FW. I used ot have a Fish/Ski boat, but time and cost forced me to sell it. I grew up on the Left Coast and have fished for trout in WA, CA and CO. Lots of SW fishing in CA. Halibut, Rockfish, Sea Bass, Shark, Whitefish, etc.... I miss the SW and want to fish the Gulf.
    I just bought two SOT Kayaks for myself and my wife. I met Randy through TKF and that's how I found this forum.
    I haven't fished a lot here in Texas, even though we had the Fish/Ski boat. I used to flyfish a lot in WA and CO, so I think flyfishing for Bass and Crappie would be a blast in FW and anything that will take a fly in SW.
    I hope to meet a bunch of you in the future.

    God Bless,


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    Welcome Turner, I am glad yall made home OK Sunday, We have several folks on here up in your neck of the woods.....

    Welcome to FishingTx,,,,,fish-on.....

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    I ahve done many Flyfishing trips in central texas for bass in the hill country streams. The guadalupe bass has even been nicknamed the Texas trout. The bass do act a lot like trout on those streams. It's good to have you on the board. Have you fished the trinty outside dallas. It was a feature article in TPWD magazine. It looked really good. Welcome to fishing tx. The brazos river around waco has some world class flyfishing for giant smallmouths and largemouths

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    welcome glad ur here
    I am a disable vet ,I am in Texas 50 miles south of dallas, I fish ceder creek , richland chambers, and Navarro Mills.

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    Thanks All,
    Scott - I have only fished in three lakes here in Texas so far..... Lewisville, Lavon, and Ray Hubbard. No flyfishing as of yet. In fact, I haven't cast a fly in probably 20 years..... So I need to relearn casting and then from a kayak as well. Thanks for the info. Gives me something to shoot for....


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    Bob... for fly fishing, you'll need to go hit the Brazos down by Glen Rose and up on the Blue River and Lower Mountain Fork River in Oklahoma.... I also highly recommend this book:

    Fly Fisher's Guide to Texas; by Phil Shook [2001]

    It will give you all the information (& more!) of all the lakes and rivers throughout our fine country (ummm... I mean "state"!!).

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    I'm glad you made it! Welcome to FishingTX.Com, the friendliest fishing forum you will find.

    Take a look around and you'll discover a real community of very different people interested in aspects of fishing at all levels from beginner to expert. What unites everyone is the desire to communicate, share, learn and discuss fishing.

    There Are Four Basic Rules

    1. Talk about fishing,
    2. Read about fishing,
    3. Catching fish, and
    4. Having fun.

    Whether you're here seeking help as a beginner to fishing, or are an advanced (PC) fisher person, it's great to see a new face. If you have a little knowledge share it with us. Update your profile info so people will know a little more about you. We will all thank you for helping us get to know you better.

    Now, jump in and have a good time, while you are getting to know us.

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    Welcome Turner.Enjoy the site.

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    Welcome to FishingTx!!!

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