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Thread: Bass boat in the bay?

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    Bass boat in the bay?

    I have had this 15 ft. Pacer Venture with 70 hp Johnson for several months now and am really comfortable with it on the lake. We fish Conroe a lot, so now the wife wants to try the bay for something really exciting.
    My question is this: Anyone here ever really put a bass boat in the bay? If so how did it do? How big are the swells in the bay, thinking East Bay but not offshore. Too scary for me, but has someone done that too?
    Maybe I am just for even asking such a thing because all I ever recall seeing are bigger boats. I just wonder if it is possible.
    Thanks for any input.

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    Watch what you are doing. Bass boiat hulls arent made for the big swells of the ships you will encounter. I saw a bass boat anchored fishing the jetties roll over when one of the ships passed by and the swell hit the boat broadside. You can do it but be real careful and go into the swells and I wouldnt anchor anywhere near the ship channel and for god sakes wear a pdf. Good luck thrill seeker. lol

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    Well im a mom

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    Quote Originally Posted by otocatchfish
    Well im a mom

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    I was trying to type somthing and I got distacted and had to do somthing and out of habit I pushed the post button and now I dont remember what I was going to say but it wasent that Im a mom. Oh well guess It wasent important anyway cause I dont remember what I was going to say.

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    Your too funny otocatchfish

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    You have to be careful anywhere in a 15ft boat.They just aren't for ruff water.

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    watch the winds se wind try the intercoastal or north shore of bolivar
    try double bayou great for e-se wind but if you get by ship channel they push a big wave you can run behind spoil bank just watch it and you will be okay and look for a low wind day best of luck
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    Ole Bill
    oto im glad to hear im not the only one with forgetful moments. in my case its called senior moments dont know what yer excuse would be. bwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhahah

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    Oh yeah dont forget to wash your equip. and everything off real good when you get back. And I know you can put that bass boat in the bay cause I put my 14' Jon with a 9.8 motor in the bay, but when you see big dark clouds offshore youde better run for it cause it is on you before you know it and that is where I messed up or mabey I messed up by putting my boat in the bay in the first place. But I didnt drown and I still have my boat so youl be fine just watch the weather and be carefull.

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