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Thread: October 5th & 6th Muster

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    October 5th & 6th Muster

    FishingTX folks, the time has come for another Muster! Mark your calendar's, October 5th and 6th for this Catfish Show and Rodeo, to be held at Cagle Recreation Area, on Lake Conroe.

    Sites 35 and 37 have been reserved so far, for this event. You can get directions, view the campground layout and make reservations at this link.

    All Fishingtx events are "Non alcoholic" in order to promote a family oriented atmosphere, so come on out and enjoy!!

    Following is a list of items needed to make this event one of the best. If you see something you would like to bring, just make a post and we will add your name next to it. Also, if you want to bring something that is not listed, feel free to do so.

    1.ReedLV, BgBluecat or Ironman type BBQ Pit; Ironman
    2.Firewood; NCFL-oak logs and mesquite chunks for the brisket-we need more wood
    3.Charcoal lighter fluid; NCFL
    4.Pit meat (chicken, brisket, ribs, sausage, etc.); NCFL-brisket; newbefisher-chicken
    5.Three Extension cord; Pawpop
    6.Tables; Pawpop 1; bigboy 1
    7.Lawn chairs;
    8.Electric lights; Pawpop 1
    9.Fish friers 3 each (min); saundecw 1; Pawpop 2
    10.Coffee pot; newbefisher 2
    11.Aluminum foil;
    12.Plastic cups; bigboy
    13.Plastic knives, forks, spoons; mj1956
    14.Paper plates / paper towels; newbefisher
    15.More cooks; dpiper haha
    16.More hard back plastic chairs; Pawpop 6
    17.Ice; NCFL
    18 Extra coolers; NCFL
    19.Propane; saundecw 1; Pawpop 2
    20.Three Electric knifes; Pawpop 2
    21.Cooking oil; saundecw 1 gal; bigboy 1 gal
    22.Waterhose w/ spray nozzle; saundecw
    23.Muster canopy;
    24.Rain suits;
    25.Ziploc bags; NCFL
    26.Trash bags; saundecw
    27.Pots, Pans, Tin pans; Pawpop (2 tin); NCFL (tin)
    28.Fly swatter; newbefisher (2)
    29.Coffee/sugar/cream; Pawpop (coffee)
    30.Tarter sauce; bigboy
    31.Ketchup; NCFL
    32.Fish batter; dpiper
    33.Salt / Pepper / seasonings; NCFL
    34.Chips / dip; Gator
    35.Water / cold drinks / tea; mj1956 (sodas)
    36.Mustard / Mayo; Gator
    37.Bread; bconroe (lots of buttered french bread)
    38.Beans; (ranch, pork & beans, etc.); bigboy
    39.Salad / coleslaw; NCFL (coleslaw)
    40.French fries; mj1956
    41.Hush Puppies; not needed
    42.Live boxes for fish; Pawpop 1
    43.Battery Charger; saundecw 1; dpiper 1
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    Senior Member Master in FishingTX croxt's Avatar
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    durn it....we just made plans to go to the wimberley trade days that very weekend.......wish i could have made the muster.......have fun anyway.
    Clark.......gigem '91

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    Member Hooked on FishingTX rddempc's Avatar
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    Magnolia, TX (1k strong trees)
    I booked site 32. If our schedule holds together this will be our first time to attend one of these.

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    Senior Member Master in FishingTX willie's Avatar
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    bow season, can't make it. i'll be practicing my injun skills.:chop:
    theres room for all gods creatures,
    right next to the mashed taters.

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    Senior Member Master in FishingTX Pawpop's Avatar
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    ALRIGHT ABOUT TIME, I"M ALL! Can bring 1 table 6', 1 string of lights, 6 chairs, 2 cookers with bottles, 2 tin pans, 2 elce. knifes, 1fish box, coffee, extension cords, for now more when I think about it. I will reserve a camp site for my travel trailer,so that may give somebody a tent site, if my boys don't want it or can't go. I AM READY!!
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    I'm in.

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    Senior Member Master in FishingTX Pawpop's Avatar
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    I got space #38 for 4,5,6,7 it's going to be great to get back to see one another again!
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    Senior Member Master in FishingTX gator's Avatar
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    in a house off a road
    well the gator will be there site 31 hope to see alot you fine folks that weekend
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    Im in .

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    I want to come,put us down for 1gal oil, beans,table. site#40.

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