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Thread: SHow Pig tips?????????

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    Talking SHow Pig tips?????????

    I have a show hog and I am showing it in three weeks and am nowhere near ready to have it under control walking. Does anyone have any tips on how to train it effectively??? PLEASE and tips would help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    sorry the only thing is miles and miles of walking ,,find a trained hog and it will follow the leader or fight,, which show are you in and what breed is your project,, good luck

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    :chop: :dinnertime: Just kidding Jugger,i can't help myself.

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    Ole Bill
    try this and see if it helps ya aint got much time but this might help with some ideas

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    thanks fellahs. I am showing it in the fair in october so i thought i still had some time to work with it, but my advisor told me yesterday that i need to show it in the hardin county show which is on september 8. So i am scrambling to get her ready. she is a cross yorkshire and hampshire, she is all white and really muscular. My main problems right now are getting her up and keeping her going when walking and keeping her from takin off. any tips are appreciated

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    Back in high school, my buddy raised a pig/hog. This thing was very tempermental, one day it would be lazy, then the next it would be a scatter brain. He got tired of trying to pull the thing around, he finally tied the lead rope to the back of a riding lawn mower - and away they went. The pig soon learned that he could not stop when he wanted to.....worked really good on this pig.
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    Cool Hogs

    Jugger, My sons raised hogs for the Katy FFA and we came to know them as scamps. They have a lot of personality. The oldest boy's hog was very freindly and well mannered till you touched him with the cane and then he got mad. At the Katy FFA Show, one of the judges poked at him to check the fat level and he went wild, tore down the judging table and sound system, knocked the poking judge down also. He got Reserve Grand Champion and sold for $4800. Personality counts. We thought there would be a lot of drama when it came time for the slaughterhose trip, but to our surprise, son accepted that as part of the deal. Good luck on your show.
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    Ole Bill
    thats a good lesson for the young ones to learn i learned at a young age that you dont name an animal you are raising to send to slaughter and dont ever forgit to pet your dog

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    It's never to late to start exercising her. I don't think your problem is driving her in the ring, it's going to be keeping her up and walking. When you enter the ring, don't try to drive her, no excessive slapping w/the stick. Let her walk, you follow and just try to keep her out of the corners. When she gets with the other pigs she'll walk fine for you.
    If you have not been walking her everyday, getting her conditioned, she will tire and want to lay down. The heat and stress of trailering and a new location is going to be hard on her. Do the best you can to keep her cool, a wet towel or a small spray bottle to spray water on her snout before you enter the ring.
    Next time, get that pig out everyday, even if for a couple of minutes, and walk her. Judging has changed a little bit, they are now looking for a little more cover, something that looks good hanging and is edible. As apposed to the super tight, drawn up, muscles so tight she cramps up pigs.
    Good luck on at the show.

    ps if any of ya'll are hiding from someone and see your face in the pic, let me know and I'll remove it. :-)

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