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Thread: Anchorage Marina/Lake Conroe Gas Thieves

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    Fishing Pohl

    Angry Anchorage Marina/Lake Conroe Gas Thieves

    I went to the lake yesterday to take my boat out for a little fishing and discovered that my (full) 12 gallon aluminum fuel tank had been stolen. The fuel line had been cut and the fuel gauge had been ripped out. My portable weather radio was busted-up and a pair of binoculars were missing. Several other boat at the marina were also missing their gas cans.

    From talking to some of the other boat owners out there, it sounds like it happened Friday night. Some of them are now staying the night at the marina, armed and dangerous, waiting for the scumbags to make a return visit. I hope no stray bullets find their way into my pontoons.

    I went to Conroe and after spending about $100, my boat is no longer dead in the water. I took it out and caught a small hybrid bass. As I was removing him from the hook, he flipped off and finned me on the tip of my nose. Not a good day. At least I didn't get skunked.

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    Really sorry to hear about that. I know I am gonna get some flack for this but I dont know if taking the law into your own hands is the answer here. You could find out that you are making a bad situation worse and end up in a lot of trouble. I pray no one is hurt. I have no sympathies for thieves but unless your life is threatened, i dont thinkn it's legal to shoot someone to protect property even in Texas but I could be wrong. Maybe shoot them and drag them to the inside of the house. lol

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    Senior Member Master in FishingTX willie's Avatar
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    atleast wait until sept 1st. new law takes effect on gun control for our bennifit.
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    Fishing Pohl
    You're right Scotta9669. The Texas Castle Doctrine that governor Rick Perry signed into law will not go into effect until September 1st. Even then, deadly force still has to be justified.

    I'm not one of the one's camping out at the marina. Just glad that others are doing it

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    Fishing Pohl
    oops... Willie beat me to my reply.

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    Senior Member Master in FishingTX tylerdan's Avatar
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    We had some kids on Palestine stealing gas from boat houses and putting it in their car. They were swimming under boathouse doors and getting the gas cans. Fortunately they got caught.

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    I thought that doctrine would only protect you from a civil suit if you just injur the attacker while defending yourself. I dont think they changed the law where you can use deadly force to protect a theft. However, you could be creative and come up with a way thet you felt your life was endanger. Such as, " he grabbed the gas can and threaten to douse me and set me on fire so I shot the SOB." lol.

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    i hope i never have the opertunity to live with the fact i took a life but make no mistake please dont try and find out if i will pull the triger
    i think if there was more respect for others property we wouldnt have the problems today but then there would have to be conquences to our actions. miss behave while playing down the street friends mom would spank you get home mom and dad would spank you and grandma may or may not spank you bet your bottom dollar you behave next time. today neighbor looks wrong at your kid lawsuits filled court police cps called and all you hear not my baby not my baby. babys grown no job and a thief. not my baby
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    Gator that is so true. Whatever happened to consequences to our actions as a kid? They are gone. The kids grow up and there is a consequence to every action be it good or bad and they are wondering why the are in so much trouble and Mom and Dad cant bail them out. Well, if they would of learned consequintial thinking when they were young, they may just may not be in so much trouble today. Lawsuits are out of hand. OK, the father that used a taser on his kid took it a little too far but I would like to think that our courts are smart enough to realize reasonable punishment and frivilious lawsuits. I dont understand how we have become a country where the goverment and courts dictate so much of our daily lives. Lets be serious if any company allowed the accouting practices that our federal goverment uses they would be imprisoned. The government should concentrate on what it was created to do. When and if it ever gets that right, it can tell me whats best for my family. But in the mean time, GET THERE JOB AND RESPONSIBILITIES IN ORDER! Then I might let them fight the monsters in my dreams. I might be coming on a little strong but I just think there is too much govt. Did you hear about the new technology that will check your respiration rate and perspiration level when you walk by? It was in the chronicle the other day. It suppose to help know when someone is gonna commit a terrorist act. Maybe they are just afraid of flying for God sakes and now they are late for thier plane explaining why they are sweating. It suppose to work on the same principle as the lie detector that we dont even allow in courts and it does this as you walk by. Yea, I see no chinks in that armor. lol

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    Ole Bill
    its real easy to explain todays problems everyone thinks the government is suppose to fix everything and give them everything because that is the way they were raised. those of us who came up in a family that took the bull by the horns and give ya a good spanking for your misdeed know better but there is not enough of us willing to make a difference or even try. but that is the way to fix things its called get together and become the majority and force the issue with a vote in the mean time get a bigger gun than theirs and the guts to use it or hide in the closet and let them steal it hoooooyaaaa for the campers

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