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Thread: give me a break

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    give me a break

    i love the CHRISTmas season as much as the next christian but give me a break. was in the liberty walmart 3 days ago (still august) keep in mine and yes they have already started setting CHRISTmas stuff out. yep august talk about your early bird specials?????????????????????????????????????????? ???? dont get me wrong i LOve our LOrd but please it is about making money in the stores and i as bad as the next guy
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    Ole Bill
    wont be long at the rate these stores are going that christmas stuff will be an all year affair to sell their lights and stuff. was out prior to halloween now it is out before labor day lets see next one is 4th of july

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    I agree Gator, they are getting ridiculous. One store trying to get the jump on the other stores and it just keeps going.

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    I guess by halloween we'll be seeing the new Easter stuff....

    The way they market our Holy days just turns my stomach.


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    Ole Bill
    ya but it wont come soon enough what they are doing doesnt have anything to do with celebrating the birth of our Lord it is more like the money lenders in the temple

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