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Thread: Salt picking up

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    Thin Water Tracker

    Salt picking up

    Looks like upper bay is starting to pick up. Time to hit those pilings and sweet spots.

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    Hey Do that's good news, ya got ur boat back ??? :lol:

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    I would have to agree. didn't do to bad myself :shock:
    The fish are in the water!

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    Good to hear... we finally had a couple days with low winds, hopefully that trend will become more frequent. Will probably try to hit the salt thurs or fri morning this week if the winds are decent.
    I hate the Yankees.

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    Ben, If I'm lucky two week talked to the Plant today it looks like they are going to be able to fix it. once they got a look at it and they said it was the 1st one they have had that gave way like it did. I asked them if it was the first then how could they insure me that this wasn't going to be a on going proble. They said if it busted againg they would replace it. But again stated that it wouldn't I never know what gave way seeing that all the damage is under the front deck. b ut I will be keeping a vary close eye on it for signs. So as I first figured they will ship it back the end of next week and it will most likely take them a week to re-rig it seeing that every thing had to come off of it. So if every thing worksout I should have it back in my hand on the 25th. start my long change on the 1st and will be looking for that star trout.

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