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Thread: hepatitis A on Beach Front

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    hepatitis A on Beach Front

    If it's high on the beach front it's got to be higher on the bay system because that were it coming from. I would take care when fishing in the bay all it take is a small cut even a scrape to get this stuff. I've look all over the web and cann't believe on one has said a thing about the bays. I would think trinity is full of it.

    ‘No swim’ advisory issued for beaches

    By Nathan Smith
    The Daily News

    Published June 26, 2004

    The Galveston County Health District issued a “no swimming” advisory along several beaches on Galveston Island and Bolivar Peninsula on Friday when the Texas Beach Watch program found high bacteria levels in the water.

    The health district found bacteria levels in excess of state standards at 8 Mile Road on Galveston’s West End, Apffel Park on the East End and various locations between the ferry landing and Rollover Pass on the peninsula. The increased bacteria presence in the water was because of the amount of floodwater drainage running into the bay and beaches caused by recent heavy rains, said a health district representative.

    “The most likely threat for swimmers would be contracting hepatitis A from the contaminated water, but there’s a variety of things that could happen, said health district spokesman Kurt Koopman. “There’s a risk in these areas mentioned in the advisory of essentially catching the same diseases that can be acquired in any flood area.”

    Beach waters will be tested daily until bacterial levels return to normal, said Koopman. The “no swimming” advisory will not be lifted until then, but the health district cannot enforce the public to obey the warning.

    “It’s just an advisory,” said Koopman. “It’s up to the public to take our messages and hopefully listen to them and make an informed choice.”

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    Excellent report. Thanks.

    The Daily News. Is this a Galvaston News Paper ???


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    I wonder where the actual hepatitis comes from though? It sounds like it's runoff from local neighborhoods and populated areas, otherwise it would be in pretty much all freshwater. If it's just run off from populated areas, Trinity bay wouldn't be much of a concern as that run off is from the surrounding marsh and Lake Livingston. Never heard of an advisory like this though.
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    Just sto and think all the septic tanks up and down the riev and all the feeder creeks one the ground is saturated it ends up in the run off water. not to count the city systems that have over flowed in the pass month. That would be my take on it.

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