For those of yu who been wondering about MrMaki here is why he has no been around!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I told him I had heard some rumours that he had quit and this was his response; So anyone interested in a mod positions send me your interest and why , we'll run it b4 the new admin board;alreday have 1 mod and onew meber need two mod and two members for the admin board.

not quit, **** probably should be removed from mod position, havent been on puter much since buyin this house, project list seems to be a never ending, always increasing, adventure, I get on do my accounts, read emails answer, and leave. danglin around these wonderful fishin sites hour after hour, is very addicting, u know? my son left to michigan, so now iam the lawn man too on top of utter projects, in order for me to just ride my bike for quick trip I have to intentionally change close from shorts to bike rags, quicker to just jump in the truck and run arrends, SURE IS A LONG WAY FROM CABIN BY THE LAKE WITH BOAT ON DOCK AND HARLEY IN FRONT YARD STUFF I WAS HOPING FOR THIS LATE IN LIFE, some of these scurrevey repair projects, would be easier and cheaper to start from raw ground and build brand new. never was much for remodeling, spent most of my construction years in new construction, so in answer to yer question, heck no I iaint leavin the site, or activities, just probably should be removed as mod, whadiya think? for now, **** keep me posted by emails of events and I will decide which one I can attend, thanks fer always bein there ben.
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