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Thread: It's almost there

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    Thin Water Tracker

    It's almost there

    Made a run through upper bay yesterday look s like the green water is right at Red Bluff point water really looks good from that point back down the bay. A lot of bait smoked and slow roll some iron with out a hit work the shoreline and were the color change is for about an hour. Moved up into the top of upper bay really didn’t see that much bait there was some but not as thick as it was in the green stuff. Need some more of that hot dry weather a few weeks of that and it going to get right. May make a run down south tomorrow and try some of the holes I have around TC.

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    Good luck to ya, not sure if I'll get out this weekend or not. 8)
    watching the skies...

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    Got the boat back huh? How does it look?

    Lets go fishing?

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    They got about 98% of it out. But they ***** up more little stuff on it taking the motor off and putting it back on. I havr to say that I'll never buy a boat from C&S again. Some of the stuff I can see how they missed it. Went I pointed it out to Bill he told me that was the first time he look at the boat since it came back. Seeing how it was something that never happen to one of his boat you would think he would have at least took a look at it before he told me it was ready to be picked up. theres one thing it;s going to have to go back to them to be fixed but the other stuff I can handle to make sure it get fixed right the first time. I was hopping to go othe this morning but look like that one hold for a few hours mabe tonight if the weather holds. I start back to work tomorrow.

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    Is that C&S Marina in Crosby?? I thought they did pretty good business but if they don't back up what they sell then it is not worth the trouble, nor the money, sounds like once you buy it it is yours.
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    They do good work but it like they don't look at the whole picture when they work on something they don;t look at what other problem they may have cause and you having to make a nother trip and have you boat set in the shop for a week.
    they don;t keep good paper work on the work they do I have the whoel front deck replaced and main ribs ribs and the bottom at the fornt had to be reshaped and had to re work the console and all that was on the ticket was welded cracks and fisx cracks on console. They did wire they fixed the running lights but there wasn;t a problem with those when it went it I think they ***** them up when the puled all the wiring out to replace the front deck and console. Needless to say after paying 18,000 cash for a boat a year ago you would think they would give better service but it been that way from day one and in that year my boat has been in their shoop for over two months getting things fixed. One other thing that really gets to be they say it will take two days to fix some thing it always a week or more. I would rather here a week then being told two days and having to wait seven. In my book vary poor customer service.

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    What kind of boat did you get from them?
    Phish On!

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    Thin Water Tracker
    20ft alweld 115 yam

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