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Thread: VAlero or Lyondell-Citgo Pros and Cons please....

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    VAlero or Lyondell-Citgo Pros and Cons please....

    I submitted resume's for both, think they are along the ship channel somewhere. I've moved to level 2 for VAlero(further review). I know Valero is a non union company but I hear the employees are happy to work for them now. Don't know anything about Lyondell. Hope I'm not bugging you guys too much by asking about these plants, but I'm just trying to get some inside scoop.
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    I worked for Lyondell years ago, good poeple ,and I hear Valeoro is a dad gum goid company, the place I work at now is union but that don't hardly matter anymore go with the one that pays the most bucks and has best benifits both have been here for a long time .

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