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Thread: Things that make ya feel good!

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    Things that make ya feel good!

    The other weekend when we were leaving Baytown and coming through Highlands on our way out we witnessed a motorcycle vs SUV crash. I saw the rider try to lay it down and do a face plant on the cement.
    Since I'm a medic we stop and I run up to help. They end up flying the guy to Herman. He was pretty busted up, NO HELMET.

    You bike riders better start wearing Helmets........,,,,,,,,,,,,,BEN!!!!!!

    Anyway, the guy calls me night before last to thank me for all the help I gave him. I have to say,,,,,,,,,,,,it made my day.
    Phish On!

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    Nice Post

    Glad you were in the area and stopped to help, a lot of people will look at an accident but never stop to help.

    Nice going CajunDan
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