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Thread: Needs some plumbing help

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    Needs some plumbing help

    Ok you guys out there that know a little pluming. I have a problem small but it’s getting to me because I can’t figure it out. I put washer-less faucet in one of my tubs a few years back. I’ve changed the valves a few times but this time it did stop the leak. SO I got a new set but for the life of me I can figure out how to get those suckers out. I’ve been to Lowes and Home depot. I come to find out I know more about them than most people they have working the pluming areas. I’ve tried using needles nose and just about every thing I have that grab and all I’m doing is ***** up what I have because I just can’t get a good hold on it. I’ve asked it there a tool or a trick just about everyone I happen to get into conversation with but still haven’t found someone that can lead me down the path I need to be on to get the boss off my case. She doesn’t miss a chance to tell me about it.
    I’m just about to the point of ripping the whole works out of the wall. If someone knows something that will make her happy it sure would be a great help and give me a little more sleep than I’m getting now.

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    You lost me on this, are you wanting to change the tub vavle again?
    is it a single handle valve Moen brand or similar?

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    where's BigDave ?? I believe you can take a real deep socket and turn it with some channel lock monkey grip pliers if i am understanding correct yo ugot to take the gurads of fbefore you can get to the nuts

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    This is it ! I tried grabing the hole with needle nose with no luck I tried A lot of things. I keep thinking there has to be a trick to it to keep from messing up the new one hen putting it back, If I had a shut off on that tub I would get tuff with it but with out one if I can't get it back in right I'm hosed.

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    I made a round trip of 70 miles today trying to find a hardware store with someone that knew some thing about these with a a bit of luck. this is starting to drag me down I sure hate replacing the whole system obver a $1.00 part.

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    Don, that pic is alittle blurry, what kind of vavle is it?( brand name)

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    The only thing on the package is Lasco They call it a universal rundle.

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