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Thread: Dec. 18, 2004 Muster

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    Dec. 18, 2004 Muster

    Well I made it to the muster about 10:00hrs. Got to put some faces to the people I had been talking to on line. They said that the fishing had been slow through the night but they did have some good fish. And as normal when I got there Big Dave was cleaning fish. They had a few over 20 they was a guy that had been running trot line on the south end of the lake came in to the ramp that had a 67lb flathead. It was a short trip for me I had to leave at 13:30 hrs just as they were starting to cook the fish. grap a hunk for the road and headed out. Great peopel and a great time.

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    Nice to put a few faces with names. I left shortly after you as well. Good showing and great day to be out. 8)
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    Ok I tried getting them all on one post here are somemore.

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    O kI guess this has to happen 3 at a time.

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    Last two

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    Well I should have stayed for the fish I got home and the wife was gone figure she went to the store. so I jump on line before she got home will as it turned out she took off early for the barn. She did get back till 0330hrs. I could have stayed longer. then she told me that we didn;t have to be in Houston til 1900hrs. I could have stay and got to know a few people I had got time to talk to. Maybe next time. Ben tell the warden the fish was great spicy just the way I like it. Maybe next.

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    Man, I just want to take the time to thank everyone for the warm welcome and the invite to this event. It was a pleasure meeting everyone and I hope we can do this again. I really learned a lot about jugging from this trip, thanks to dpiper and his nephews. I can't say enough about how much I enjoyed being on the lake with them boys and look forward to maybe spending some more time together in the future. Dpiper, thanks for the hospitality and the opportunity for letting us use your pontoon. I sincerely thank you for that. BIG thanks goes out to BIG Dave who worked his tail off out there. Everything tasted delicious and I hope I'll be able to stay a little longer next time. I guess once the baby gets a little bigger my account manager will allow me to stay longer. By the way, Algonzo left his 6' table out there and his blue rhino propane tank, so if anyone is holding it for him please let him know. Thanks again was really fun and enjoyable.

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    By gally, when GentleBen says "NO SLIME" he means it.

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    Don TWT it was great ta see you again, so sorry you could not stay, te warden is a natural and loves to help people as Sylvia they both worked hard Thank you Sylvia(Mrs Choo Choo man !!
    Teamgonz i retreived al's table and found propane bottle , a gerber knife and 3 life jackets.
    Wayne man it was great to finally get to meet you. Outlaw it was great ta meet you, thanks for the help.
    Glad ta meet all the gonzos and uncle cousing hey I need some names all our sign in book it got wet so please send me names of attendees.
    So far this is who i remember.
    Sopecial thanks to mrs debbie Taylor I tild BigDave yo ulucky man to have awonderfull patien twife that tolerate s him doing all the thinhgs he does (for Other people ) off course I know he does alot for them too, thank you Debbie.
    Special thanks to our fed cop Bgbluecat for his use of the pit it sures was a life saver ,and the fish frier was the cat's meow, man i could sit here all day and brag on each and every one of you but I got to go.
    Jerry nta was the offical hooker on my boat the "Catiwampus" Wayne did alot o fhookin gand unhooking guys did great ay keeping the slime off the Wardens boat. Even got BigDave in my boat as special instructor and entertainer ehhehehh u kill me with your jokes
    Don't know in total how many fish were caught i know I had 3 gal bags of trimmed fillets and BigDdave had a big ole bag of op filletts off that op that Allen Bislie caught so all in all there was ample fish, then i found 15 nice blues in my box that we got when we piced u pthe jugsg, when i got home Cajun Cooker is comin fer them today he cleans them ehheeh
    TWT thanks for all the pics we'll let you be official camerman then all i got to do is EAT!!!
    01 Big Jim Ray hilton
    02 Dpiper
    03 Steven Piper
    04 Riley Newlin
    05 algonzo
    06 team gonzo
    07 Uncle Gonzo
    08 Cousin gonzo
    09 Outlaw
    10 Nthony
    11 brenda (nthony's girl friend
    12 Maulwalker
    13 Christan maulworkers lady
    14 Fred
    15 N splendora
    16 Bigdave
    17 jamie
    18 alison
    19 Choo choo man
    20 mrs choo cho man
    21 Don diego
    22 Bgbluecat
    23 bud loper
    21 Nephew bud jr
    22 grandaughter lopper
    23 jeremia lopergrandson
    24 Wayne saunders
    25 Corey
    26 Dan
    27 Jamie
    28 devin
    29 james
    30 cody
    31 alison
    32 mr gibbs (coreys Dad)
    33 mark williams
    34 Cheryl williams
    35 tara
    36 ashley
    37 GentleBen
    38 The Warden
    39 JerryNTA
    40 Huey
    41. TWT(sorry Don)
    42.Mr Tyler (Jamies dad)
    43. Sheriffs Officer Dennis Magurn .
    44, Lake Patrol Officer James Grimes
    45. Lake Patrol Officer Grimes Wingman( did not get name )
    46 James)local resisdent came to check us out )
    47 Jim Ward (local residen came by)
    48 Debbie Taylor (how could I forget this angel )
    49.Levie (catfish monster was not feeling well so he did not fish but the came down anyway.
    Looking for #50

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    You had a great turnout, Hat's off to "Mr. Hospitality" and the Warden. Let's not forget the juggers that got the fish, NSplendora for his knife work and the other helpers and cooks. Fish was great!
    watching the skies...

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