I just got back from a fishing trip with my cousin lee, who goes with me on all my cat fishing trips. We go as often as we can and sometimes when we shouldn’t. Oh well we have a good time and nobody gets hurt, usually. Well we were at the lake and the bite was very slow, a nibble here a tap there, but nothing worthwhile. Lee decides to cast our near this logjam to see what he could stir up, within a few minute the rod tip started dancing. Lee readied the line and set the hook, there was something on the line for sure, but it wasn’t fighting like a cat. The line had tension, but it appeared to be dead weight, probably a turtle I thought to myself.

Lee continued to reel in the line and to our amusement it was an old miller-lite beer can. I started laughing hysterically, I couldn’t help but laugh. Lee had a pissed off look on his face, but that quickly turned to laughter as well. He was taking the can off of the line when he called me over to look closer at the can. I was amazed at what I saw inside the can, a small flathead about 3-4 inches in length. No telling how long he had been in the can, because it was an old style pull tab can, had to have been there for a while. We cut the can open and let the little guy go free. The only thing we could figure is that he got in the can one day and couldn’t get back out.

The fishing was really slow, but this made the day fun. We all had a laugh at lee’s expense, but I’m sure someone else will have the honors on our next trip.