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Thread: Cedar Creek cabin

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    Cedar Creek cabin

    Does anybody want to go in on a cabin for Friday and Saturday night 4/8/05 and 4/9/05?

    My son and I are really looking forward to fishing Cedar Creek.

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    So whuz the deal on de cabin. Is it on dee lake where we can leave the boat in da h2o? How much? Where is cedar creek, up by Kyles?You going up there the morning of the 8th(fri) coming home the 9th?
    The fish are in the water!

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    I'm guessing it is just under an hour from Kyles house.

    $65 and $75 a night.

    I do believe some are on the water.

    I will be getting there early Friday morning. Spending Friday and Saturday night and leaving around noon on Sunday.

    If no one wishes to split a cabin , Kyle and I will be staying in one of the screened shelters.

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    medulla I will be calling you tonight

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