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Thread: Kerrville Trip

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    Kerrville Trip

    Well I had a great weekend visiting family and friends in Kerrville. We were able to see some beautiful sites, the hill country was great with lots of wildlife to be seen and some beautiful streams and rivers flowing through the area.

    We fished for trout and catfish in the Guadalupe River and man was it beautiful, the water was green and lots of overhanging trees and stumps that just made the fishing that much more enjoyable.

    The fishing was not the greatest this weekend, but we spent tiem with our niece and nephew and they got to catch some perch and spend time on the water with us, we fished from the bank and fed the ducks at the local park. The time spent with them was great, we have not seen them since christmas time so it was long overdue.

    We did catch a few catfish and a few small trout, we saw tons of trout swimming in the streams and the river, but they were not interested in eating anthing we offerred them.

    All in all it was a great trip, we had some rain hit us late saturday and we went home and I fired up the grill and cooked chicken and sausage and bakes some beans and we kicked back and relaxed.

    Sunday morning I got up and cooked pancakes and some deer sausage, we ate good and then loaded up the truck and headed back home, it was nice to get away for the weekend and see some family and friends.
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    We're taking our girls out to the Guadalupe for a quick overnighter - we plan on doing exactly that, sitting back with lines in the water and enjoying scenery you don't have to plug in....

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    sounded like a great trip......and sounds like you really enjoyed it Dwaynez.
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    gwrober, where are you going to say in Kerrville? I used to live in the Kyle area, did a lot of fishing on the Blanco and a some on the Guadalupe, above and below Canyon.

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