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Thread: Life is good!

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    Life is good!

    Got out on the water about 7:30 this morning, took a buddy jugging for the first time. Caught some fish, got home and cleaned them before lunch. Ate lunch with the wife and managed to get a nap (thank you Brooke!).

    Cleaned up my turnip patch and ended up with a five-gallon bucket full after cleaning them up. Wasn't sure how they would taste being so old, but they were awesome. Andrea baked the fish fillets from the fish BIGDAVE and choo choo man sent home with me from Livingston. Topped it off with some sun tea and now I'm getting ready for work tomorrow. We'll eat the fish we caught today at the station tomorrow.

    If anybody wants some turnips, let me know!

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    Nothing better than some fresh fish fillets,

    I have been working on my Garden for this season, bot a lot of plants in the ground, but a few more to go. I have 15 strawberry plants in and they are already beginning to grow, I have several small green strawberries and a lot of flowering, so it should be pretty good this year.
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