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Thread: Bunk Boards...what do you use???

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    Bunk Boards...what do you use???

    I'm getting ready to pick up another trailer for my boat. I will need to put down new boards and brackets but I"m not sure what to use. My boat is 18' with a 64" floor, aluminum. I was thinking of 2x4's(6's) and carpet but heard the carpet will mess up the aluminum. Also thinking of old fire hose. What would you use and where would you put your supports? My old trailer really don't give me much to work with.
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    I too need redo my trailer. Where does one get used firehose? I suppose I could ask at the local volinteer fire dept.

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    Use treated 2 x 4's or 2 x 6's. A marine grade carpet is best. If money is tight indoor/outdoor carpet will last several years. The main thing is to give your boat support all the way to the transom. This will keep from creating a hook in the bottom of the boat. (mostly found on Al. flat bottom boats) A hook in the bottom of the boat will form a pocket of air that will produce more drag causing the boat not to peform as well. In the past on flat bottom and semi V boats I have replaced the center rollers with a treated 4 x 4 and cutting a "V" notch in one side for the center rib on the bottom of the boat. (when cutting the "V" be sure to allow for the carpet) Most firehoses used today in chemical plants are of reinforced rubber. We do use the old style normaly 1 1/2" form time to time. I will have to check to see if we have any that need replacing soon.
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