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Thread: Outdoor related business for tax purposes....

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    Outdoor related business for tax purposes....

    Shoot me a pm if you want, I don't want to start a big controversy on the board.

    I'm looking for feedback from those of you who claim an outdoors related business to help with taxes. While the year's still fairly young I'm starting to think about it. I'm not as interrested in turning a profit so much as I am the write off for expenses (boat maintance, scouting trips for clients etc...).

    If you are claiming this type of stuff or have exp. with it please let me know so I'll know what I can and can't do to make it work. Or would it be better to talk to an accountant?

    Would I have to have an article published in a magazine to claim I'm a writer (wanna-be)?

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    LOL,, isn't it the truth. You know you can save your gas reciepts for end of the year return on road tax. If your using the gas in your boat, save the reciepts tilll the end of the year then turn them in for a refund off road tax. YOu can get the copy of the form off the net. I have it somewhere. AND MY WIFE KEEPS TELL ME TO DO THE SAME THING ABOUT THE WRITEOFFS. I spend way to much playing each year,, but,, If I die tomorrow I will have a big smile on my face.
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