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Thread: It was great

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    It was great

    I want to thank all of you who helped build this site and keep it going even when times were tough. I am moving on now (or I thought I was ) Mark is opening another site lol...Anyway I think Ben deserves this site he was here from the start and I just hope ya'll make this place explode ..It was nice chatiing with you guys and meeting some of you Ill drop in and say hi on occasion and see whats going on with fishingtx..When Mark gets his up we will let you guys know all about it...Thanks for all your support and continue to give it to Ben and this place will be booming.
    Have a great day and take care..

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    Thank you, Cheryl , for the Site and for everything else, we will miss you, :cry: especially when you'd go missing :lol:

    You are the reason this bunch of guys have met and the fishing family continues to grow , because you cared and I know you still do!!
    Thank you for this family ,
    you will remain in RED on this board.

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