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Thread: It's official, I'm now an "old man"

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    It's official, I'm now an "old man"

    Bought the weather alert radio at HEB the other day and got it set up. All the years I've had to be out working in the storms I never had one but now that I might be home, I thought it was a good idea. It just might be, I just programed it for my and surounding counties last night and it's already sounded off twoce today for tornado warnings with these storms. Give me enough time to check the computer before they get to my area to see what I might be in for. 8) I'll keep ya'll informed as to when I start talking to myself,(be quiet don't tell them that!) too late :P 8)
    watching the skies...

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    yeah uhum

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    Larry G
    You bet it is a good idea.

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