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Thread: Cajun Catfishing Contest

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    Cajun Catfishing Contest

    The Conroe Cajun Catfish Festival is sponsoring a Cajun Catfishing Contest this year. Prizes will be awarded for the largest three catfish submitted. Consolation prizes will be randomly given out via a drawing at the conclusion of the contest. Actual prizes as well as quantity of prizes will be based on donations made by locale merchants. See the prize list below.

    Contest will begin on September 2nd and end on October 16th at 8am. All catfish entered will be weighed, photographed (with angler), and documented. Anglers of the three largest catfish will be awarded the three top prizes. In addition to the three largest catfish awards random anglers will be selected via a drawing and awarded consolation prizes. Every catfish submitted over five pounds will get the angler an additional entry into the random drawing. See the prize list below and keep them catfish coming.

    Entry Procedure. Catch a catfish between September 2nd and October 16th and bring it to Anchorage Marina located on the east side of Lake Conroe at the end of FM 830. A marina employee will weigh the catfish, take a digital picture of the catfish and angler, and record it along with the angler’s name and contact information. Contest photos will be printed and keep on display at the Conroe Cajun Catfish Festival at the Cajun Catfishing Contest booth.

    If the catfish entered into the contest is over 10 pounds it will either be returned to the lake or be retained by the Conroe Cajun Catfish Festival to be put on display at the festival. After the festival all displayed catfish will be returned to the lake. Big catfish awards will be announced and presented on Oct 16th at 3:00pm at the Cajun Catfishing Contest booth. Consolation prizes winners will be drawn and presented after all the big catfish awards have been announced. Winners are not required to be present to accept winnings.

    Contest rules are as follows:
    • • To be eligible for awards angler must submit a catfish to the contest;
      • Only catfish caught legally will be allowed to be entered into the contest;
      • An angler can enter as many catfish as they catch;
      • Only catfish 5 pounds and larger will accepted into the contest (each catfish entered will be another chance in the random drawing);
      • All catfish 10 pounds and larger will be either return to the lake or retained by the contest sponsor to be displayed at the Conroe Cajun Catfish Festival;
      • All efforts must be made to keep the catfish alive, if catfish does not swim off angler must maintain catfish in an edible condition;
      • All state and local boating laws must be followed.

    Current list of prizes include:
    • • Guided Fishing Trip, donated by;
      • Guided Fishing Trip, donated by;
      • Two $15.00 Gift Certificates to the Shenandoah Hooters;
      • $30.00 Gift Certificate to the Oak Ridge Sam’s Boat;
      • Starbucks Coffee from Hwy 242 Starbucks;
      • Three buckets of Bill Dance’s Catfish Chum, donated by;
      • 10 Flagging Jugs, donated by;
      • More prizes will be added as they are made available.


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    how about a guided bream fishing trip :lol: And a few buckets of Bill Dance catfuish chum ..
    Put Fishingtx down for the catfish chum say 3 buckets

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    Thanks Ben.

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    Check out the events page.

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