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Thread: Death Sentence vs Gasoline prices

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    Death Sentence vs Gasoline prices

    The Death Row inmates get an execution date and they get all bent out of shape ,with just cause; we gonna kill them!! Then a few days later they get a "stay of execution", merely means they temporaily stop the clock.. A few weeks later they get another scheduled date with the executioneers , then they get another stay , this time they are not as worried because they feel it is not going to happen.They play this cat and mouse game with them til the final date arrives and then there is no stay, no reprieve and they stick the needles in you and fill you full of poison, your death sentecne has finally been carried out.Your Dead , some cheer and some mourn....

    Well, the other day I was thinking about this as i drove by the gas pumps and noticing once again the price was going up and it will will tip the top and then come down , but it will not come down to what it was before it went up.
    In a few days they will raise the gas price again and we'll say that's ok it'll come back down in a few days and slowly they will get us to where we will accep those outrageous prices with a smile just as the deathrow inmates accept their death sentence!! :multi:

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    I can kinda see the analigy, are you saying we are getting it stuck to us?

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    Interesting Concept
    Sad but True?
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    Like a frog in a slow temperature rising pot of water.

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