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Thread: Lake Conroe Muster this Weekend.

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    Lake Conroe Muster this Weekend.

    OK guys its time to belly up to the bar. Tell us what you'll be bringing. Here is a list of needs pick something. Everything isn't needed but

    ReedLV type BBQ Pit; johnruss
    Firewood; RANDY
    Three Extension cord; Wayne
    Tables; rpiper - 1 small
    Lawn chairs; rpiper
    Electric lights Wayne 1-500w floodlight
    Charcoal lighter; Wayne
    Fish friers 3 each (min);Crappie Tracker - 1, rpiper - 1,Wayne-1
    Coffee pot; randy
    Al. foil; Wayne
    Plastic cups, knives, forks, spoons; RANDY
    Paper plates / paper towels;Wayne
    More cooks;
    More hard back plastic chairs;
    Ice; Wayne
    Extra coolers; RANDY
    Propane; Crappie Tracker, rpiper - 1, Wayne
    Three Electric knifes; Wayne-1
    Cooking oil; RANDY,Wayne
    Waterhose w/ spray nozzle; Wayne
    Muster tent; rpiper
    Rain suits;
    Ziploc bags; Wayne
    Trash bags; Wayne
    Pots, Pans, Tin pans;
    Fly swater;
    Coffee/sugar/cream; dpiper
    Tarter sauce; Cpappie Tracker
    Ketchup; Wayne
    Fish batter; RANDY
    Salt / Pepper / seasonings;
    Chips / dip;
    Water / cold drinks / tea; RANDY, Wayne
    Pit meat;( chicken, brisket, ribs, sasauge, etc.) dpiper - chicken & sasauge
    Mustard / Mayo;
    Beans; (ranch, pork & beans, etc.)Wayne 2 large ranch
    Salad / coleslaw.
    Live boxes for fish. RANDY

    This is just a start. If you want to bring something else just post it and I'll add it to the list. I'll select my items in the morning after I check and see what I need.

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    I won't be making it. I've got some friends (hurricane Rita evacuees from Port Arthur) that have been staying with us since last week. Where you at FEMA.... here I come!!!!
    A bad day of fishing is better than a good day at the office!!!!

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    I probably won't make it either, too many other things going on OT and the like.
    What time ya all eatting ??May come up eat but hat's all!!
    Call me a " NO SHOW"!! Bwahahahahhahahh

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    fish fry saturday around 2-3p.

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    If some one wants to stop by they can use one of my life boxes!!

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    well it looks like we wont be making it this weekend. lil bro was put on work detail, along with gas $, its just not in my budget for a solo trip. good luck to all.

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    im gonna have to talk to the wife to see if I can still make it

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    Hope you can make it Jerry, the last trip was a blast!

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    choo choo man
    well i canceled my reservations on camp site #25 so its open,i hated to do it but rita put a little damper on things around everone have a great time and i'll try ti make the next one

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    Hurricane Rita seems to have affected several of us with respect to time off. I know I lost 2-1/2 days but my company did suppliment 8 hrs and I was abole to use vacation time for the rest. Others have been without power for an extended period of time and that created additional expences. Not to mention you still had you household expenses to pay such as your house note and water even if you wen't there to use them. Gas prices are through the roof and the only way around that is to drive less. My thoughts an prayers are with you.

    With that being said it would still be nice to see you'll there for the fish fry Saturday for some good ol' fashion jawboning.

    I'm looking forward to this weekend and some good fishing. The weather is looking like fall has arrived.

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