Keeping your hands warm is the hardest part of cold weather fishing. Two things I use are glove liners and Jon-e Handwarmers, both available from Cabelas.

The glove liners are thin gloves worn under the neoprene fishing gloves. They are made from polypropylene, the material used for the "extreme weather" longjohns. Neoprene gloves keep your hands dry but sure can be cold. The glove liners keep the cold rubber away from your fingers. By the way, those neoprene gloves sure get slippery with a good coat of catfish slime!

Joe-e Handwarmers have been around for many years. We used them when I was a kid, hunting in south Arkansas. You don't see them in many stores now but they are available through Cabelas. Most stores carry the chemical heat packs instead. I don't like the chemical packs, they go out when they get damp and also often go out if you have them in a pocket. The Jon-e Handwarmer burns lighter fluid, runs all day, and will stay lit in your pocket. If it does happen to go out, just light it again. They can feel really good when you fingers are freezing. I take a couple of them in the boat on these cold days.