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Thread: Jan14 Muster attendies

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    Jan14 Muster attendies

    Muster attendies; Folks in red are staff members
    If I missed anyone please tell me

    1.BigDave Taylor
    2. Mrs Debbie taylor
    4.Joan Sothern-BigUn mama
    5.Croxt aka Clark Turner
    6.Jerry Manville aka NTA
    7.Shelly Manville
    8.Justin manville
    9.Jon wheeler
    10.Andrea Wheeler
    11.Brooke Wheeler
    12.Chad Mikus
    13.Justin Drake
    14.Donald Piper
    15.Steven Piper
    16.Ronnie Piper
    17.Kelly piper
    18.John Rush
    19. Jeannie "Tex" Rush
    20. Lee Norris
    21.Dwaynez Zbroil
    22.Barbie Zbroil
    23.Michael Charpin
    24 .John Blair
    25. Raye Blair
    26. Brandy Oberpriller
    27. Crappie Tracker aka Morris Taymon
    28. Dan Luna
    29. Corey
    30. Cody
    31. Alex
    32. Jeff Griffin
    33. HammourKiller aka Hank Austin
    34. Vance Austin
    35. JV
    36 John Boyce
    37 Scott Key
    38. Reedlv aka Luke Reed
    39. Tonia aka mrs Reedlv
    40. Austin Reed
    41. Bo Reed
    42. Randy CatfishBoat Frezina
    43, Sharon aka Ms Catfishboat
    44. BabyBoat Frezina
    45.Nico Frezina
    46.Paul Loginio
    47. Sam Alford
    48. Bigdaddycat1
    49. Ms Bigdaddycat1
    50. Lynn Gibbs
    51. JR Hilton
    52. DD Doin Diego aka Don Wilcox
    53. BGBluecat aka Mike Loper
    54 Alexia Loper grandbaby
    55 Baby boy Loper
    56.George , Trackers Buddy
    57.Wayne Saunders aka saundecw
    58. Fred Swallow
    59. Ben Luna aka Gentleben
    60. Gloria Luna aka Warden
    61. Howard Singer AKA BluesMavin
    62. Emily Singer
    63. Riley Piper
    Law Enforcement:
    64. HPD Lake SGT Hardin
    65. HPD Officer McAlister
    66. Texas State Game Warden Kevin Malonson
    67. Texas State Game Warden Kevin Creed

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    Sounds like a Great bunch of guys and ladies. I really wish i could've been there. Hope everyone had fun. Hey Ben where there any tortillias left????

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    aye bato teneia 2 docenas de huevos y tortillas con chorrizzo perro no te arimates!!

    i had two dozen eggs ,tortillas and chorrizo i was gonna cook fer you but you played like choo choo and jonw and you weer "No Show ". dats ok though we know san anto is a long long ways but hey 160 catfish and we had enough to give away!!imisse you man I gonna take yo uundr my wing and teach you how to be a BigCatzDaddy2!!

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