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Thread: Losing my Outdoor Channel!!!

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    Angry Losing my Outdoor Channel!!!

    After much delibrating with Dish TV it has become apparent that their customer service is not worth a ****! I've been a "valued" customer for over 5 years still with the original receivers and one finally went out. I call to get them replaced with the newer DVR's and they tell me I have to pay $100 each for those and that was a good deal on their part. Now, I don't mind the fact that I'd have to pay for something but when a new customer gets the same thing for FREE then that kinda ticks me off a little. So after many calls and lots of anger I'm ditching the Dish and moving to Direct TV (being hooked up now). I'm just hoping that OLN will still have enough outdoor shows to "help me make it thru the night" but I'm kinda doubting that.
    Oh well, maybe I'll get more work done around the
    Just venting.
    watching the skies...

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    i have direct tv. i can usually find something to watch. in fact, most of my honey do's dont get finished because of direct tv.

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    I am still with them for now, have been for about 2 yrs. I was not real happy to lose one of my channels, I had the outdoor channel and OLN and they took away OLN, but the overall price is pretty cheap.

    I am always looking for a better deal, but Direct tv will not provide local channels in my area and dish does,

    Hope it all works out for you
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