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Thread: Jimmy welcome

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    Jimmy welcome

    Jimmy, welcome to FishingTx.

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    thanks Randy

    Thanks for the welcome randy. I was browsing around on yahoo trying to search for lake houston websites and found these forums. They seemed to be very helpful so i decided to join up.

    I primarly fish lake livingston for bass, but since the strom the water has been very low and alot of my fishing areas are blocked off by sandbars. I am going to try out lake houston tomorrow morning and was trying to find out where to bass fish on lake houston. Do you know where some good spots for largemouths are at ?

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    Luces Bayou has some really good Bass fishing in it. It has a wide variety of cover. Luces Bayou is about 2-3 miles North of FM1960 on the East Bank. Be careful the first time you go around that way. There is some shallow water. Once you get into the mouth of the cut it will bend around to the right. The cut is from 15 to 25 feet deep the rest of the way in. You will go past a point on the East Bank. There is a small tree a couple of hundred yards off of the east shore. Stay Way out in the Lake and go almost all the way across the open water, turn hard right and gointo Luces Bayou. You wil see acabin in the Mouth of the Bayou. It does set back a ways. Hope this helps and good luck.
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    Gentleben and BigDave are the guru's on white bass over there. and there are several others that can help.
    These threads may help

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    Thank you for that info randy. I will go check that place out tomorrow. I have a gps so hopefully that will help me find where you were talking about. Do you know the closest marina or boat ramp to luces bayou?

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    Catfish Jac
    don't we have another name for that spot?

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    Welcome Jimmy to Fishingtx!

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    :lighting: Welcome to the site Jimmy!!

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    Welcome to FishingTx Jimmy!! Hope you enjoy the site. BJ's Marina is the closest ramp to Luces Bayou.

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    Welcome to FishingTx Jimmy
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