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Calendar Event: March 25, 2006

KayakMasters Tournament Series

Now, we can enjoy fishing our own waters. It will be a stretch for most of us to fish freshwater as well as saltwater tournaments, but we will adapt. The shotgun starts will be fun, too. Also, having a "Pro" division separate from the "Amateur" divison will make the amateurs feel more welcome. Whenever an "amateur" feels like he's/she's ready, they are more than welcome to compete with the "Pros".

Here are our dates and locations. We'll publish more on this later but ... mark your calendars for these dates:

March 25th! (NOTE: new date), at Lake Conroe (just before the American Rodsmiths Big Bass Classic so we can whoop the powerboaters butts. FLASH: the water in Conroe is so low that the powerboats won't be able to get into the spawning coves... but WE can!

April 22nd, at POC or AP at the new kayak park...haven't decided yet

May 6th, on Decker Lake outside of Austin. We had so much fun up there last year we decided to go back with a BIG tournament.

June 24th, Galveston Bay

July 22nd, in Corpus Christi...hope we can find a launch site close to Packary Channel...awsome fishing in this area...inside and outside.
This will also be the KayakMasters tournament championship

September 16th WAS going to be the National Championship between EEF and KayakMasters. Alas, this may not happen....or, it MAY! Wait and see.

We are still working on the rules, but they won't be very different from what you are used to. We are also going to experiment with a LIVE RELEASE PROGRAM. We still have some kinks to work out with American Rodsmiths' C&R program, but we are optimistic that it will work out.

NOTE: TKFStubb is the owner of the (TKF) website, and he's a really nice guy.