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Thread: Mardi Fishin Gras Officially Over

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    Mardi Fishin Gras Officially Over

    Just wanted to say hi to all you folks as I haven't had any news or reason to post recently. The little woman is on her way back called from eastern Miss. last night. I tried to stall her buying boudin all thru La. but she's too darn efficient sometimes. Was tryin to sqeeze 1 more fishin trip in but no,wasting my day mowing the lawn, running the vacuum, restocking the fridge. Plus I had to run to WalMart for new skivvies cuz either Randy lied or there's a trick to getting 4 days out of them. I tried to double-down on the wear 1 day turn em inside out but no go. All they did was turn purplish-green and that area off them disintegrated. I did cut the waistbands out of a few of the better ones and salvaged some sunglass straps.
    Ya all take care and good fishin.

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    :surrender: Sounds like we may need to send a case of depends to Jeff bwahahahhahahaahha:icon_razz:

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    1,345 just ain't right....but very funny. thanks for the stories.
    Clark.......gigem '91

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